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Sixers-Nets Preview


Come on inside from shoveling and warm up with a little hoops.

Sixers 94, Nets 130: Curse of the Broken Toenail


In what contained the greatest quarter of Joe Johnson's life, the Nets defeated the struggling 76ers 130-94.


Season Preview: Joe Johnson

This is an excerpt of a season preview post I'm working on for the Brooklyn Nets: Photo from SB Nation Metric Joe Johnson Shooting Guards in 2012-2013 Games Played 72 5...

Can't Get Enough Basketball Nostalgia


If you're an Arkansas fan, it's almost impossible to avoid Razorback basketball nostalgia in some form or another this time of year. A lot of folks want to name the court for Nolan Richardson, but...

Can HORSE save the NBA All-Star game?


The NBA seems committed to completely destroying what is already a meaningless event in its All-Star Game. Like the other three big leagues, the NBA tries to make it into a big party and surround...

Joe Johnson Still Being Joe


Ron Higgins of the SEC Digital Network did a piece on Joe Johnson who, after being offered by Duke and UConn, chose to play for his home-state Razorbacks, fulfilling a childhood dream. Even through multiple trades, those in the NBA who know Johnson know that "Joe looks like the same ‘ol Joe."

Sixers Celebrate Festivus, Disappoint Against Nets


The 76er were aware that today was Festivus so they gave fans a game they could air their grievances towards.

Smith: Avery Strikes Right Tone

Veteran NBA writer Sekou Smith may or may not follow this site but he seems to have taken a side on whether Avery Johnson was right to say the Nets are not (yet) championship caliber. In a column...

The Nets Of Brooklyn...If Not In It

It is one of the enduring legends of the Brooklyn Dodgers that Duke, Pee Wee, Jackie and Carl all lived in brownstone Brooklyn, mingling with neighbors, playing an occasional game of stickball with...


NBA 3 on 3: Brooklyn Nets Edition

How would the Brooklyn Nets trio of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson & Brook Lopez do in a three-on-three tournament against some of the NBA's best players?

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