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Hollinger: Nets Are Worse Than You Think


John Hollinger lives by the numbers and what he says in a lengthy story on the Nets season is not pretty: "Despite how badly they started the season, the Nets seem to be getting...

Getting from Despair to Hope


Art Garcia of NBA.com dives deep into the Nets' despair. The constant losing is taking its toll on the players. Even the prospect of a rich owner, all that cap space, all those...

Game 37 - Nets @ Spurs - Sunday, January 10, 7:00


You want story lines? There's Brook Lopez trying to prove himself to his idol, Tim Duncan. There's Yi Jianlian, he of the surprising string of games, going up against the...

Arenas Obscuring NBA Players' Good Works


In July 2007, Richard Jefferson announced he was giving $3.5 million to his alma mater for a new practice facility. Later in July, Vince Carter announced he was giving $1.6...

Is Yi the "Eternal Tease" or "Potential All-Star"?


A fantasy basketball writer calls Yi Jianlian the "eternal tease". After the Knicks game, Tim Capstraw said Yi was looking "like a potential All-Star". The Cavs' game was more...

Some Historical Tidbits in Decade-Enders


Al Iannazzone looks back at the Nets decade, and offers up some little known tidbits. He writes that if the Nets hadn't won the lottery in 2000, Rod Thorn wouldn't have taken...

No Change--or Change in Plans--on the Horizon


Could a trade save the Nets season? Almost certainly no. Could it make things less painful? Sure, but that would almost certainly require the team to abandon its plans for 2010...

Dave D: Thorn Made Three of the Decade's Most Lopsided Trades


In his best of the decade column, Dave D'Alessandro credits Rod Thorn with three of the decade's eight best trades: Jason Kidd for Stephon Marbury at #1; the Vince Carter for...

Iannazzone: Enough Blame to Go Around


Al Iannazzone, writing for YES, pins the blame for the Nets' problems on everyone, from Bruce Ratner to Jason Kidd to Lawrence Frank. There's Ratner's unwillingness to...

Who's the Real "Kobe Stopper"?


A lot of players have been dubbed "Kobe Stoppers" and one, Ruben Patterson, even claimed the title. As John Schuhmann points out in his column on the NBA's best defenders, the...

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