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Ball's in his court: Kidd buys half Jay Z's shares


A Nets source tells NetsDaily that Jay Z is selling half his shares in the team to Jason Kidd, the team's new head coach. The cost: $500,000. The other half of Jay Z's stake has been purchased by a...

Intangibles Count in Free Agent Recruiting


It's never just about the money...except it almost always is. It's not just about the coach or the teammates or the draft picks or the "plan". It can be about the arena and the...

It's Not Just the Knicks...


The smoke has cleared and capologists around the league have recalculated cap space. Nets' insiders look at the new landscape and note it's not all about the Knicks...in spite of...

Woj: Don't Count Nets Out of LeBron Sweepstakes


Adrian Wojnarowski spent some time on the WFAN Tuesday talking about trades, then where LeBron James will wind up, emphatically saying, "the Nets will be in this...don't count...

Thorn Parties With Jay-Z and LeBron


All-Star Weekend is a time for parties and before the game and before his big meetings, Rod Thorn was able to talk to two of the biggest names in next summer's free agency. On...

Is Prokhorov Planning Big Changes...Really Big?


Mikhail Prokhorov is thinking big, really big. The Record, Post, Yahoo! and Sports Illustrated report the Russian billionaire may try to hire the head of USA Basketball, Jerry...

Nets Party to Sell Brooklyn Suites


The Nets planned a party Thursday - now postponed until Feb. 24 - for prospects interested in buying luxury suites at Barclays Center. To be held at the Barclays Center...

Game 51 - Nets @ Cavaliers - Tuesday, February 9, 7:00


The 4-46 Nets face the 44-11 Cavaliers. It's enough to send shivers up and down your spine and then up and down again. The Cavs have won 11 straight, have the best record in the...

Game 33 - Cavaliers @ Nets - Saturday, January 2, 1:00


Will we see Jay-Z Saturday? He's been noticeably absent from his courtside seats this season but with his buddy in town, maybe he'll show. That buddy, Lebron James, regularly...

Game 25 - Nets @ Cavaliers - Tuesday, December 15, 7:00


Lebron James says he's stopped taking questions about free agency...but you know he'll be asked. After all, at least in theory, the Nets are a possible destination for King...

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