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From "punchline to juggernaut"


In the annals of branding, the Nets are a case study. Contently.com examines the transformation from "punchline to juggernaut ...How the Nets marketing department managed to completely change the...

It's a business ... and business is good


They're a basketball team, should be a good one. They're also an investment. Jay Z sold his stake for $1 million, as much as 10 times what he paid for It. Indeed, the owner thinks his investment...

Jay-Z: "My job was done with the Nets"


In an interview on this Life + Times YouTube channel, Jay-Z spoke again about his departure from the Nets. One of the Brooklyn group's original investors had to sell his share in the team to avoid...

Jay-Z: Nets season ticket holder "forever"


In an interview with Hot 97 this week, Jay-Z talked about the end of his ownership with the Nets, saying "it ended great" and promised to be a season ticket holder, presumably courtside, "as long...

Is Jay-Z stock sale close?


The NBA disclosed Wednesday that as of this week, Jay-Z is now licensed to work as an NBA agent. But as Darren Rovell reports, "the hip-hop mogul had not sold his small ownership share (less than 1...

Jay-Z Releases Statement On Nets Ownership


JAy-Z has released a statement on his selling of his Brooklyn Nets ownership shares. On his website he writes that he's proud to have been able to work with such a great team and wishes the Nets...

Social media pioneer wants Jay-Z's stake


Tech investor and social media pioneer Alexis Ohanian told Bloomberg News Tuesday that he's "absolutely" interested in buying jay-Z's shares, equal to 0.067 percent of the team and a somewhat...

Jay-Z may have to sell Nets stake to rep BASEBALL


The head of the Major League Baseball Players Association, the players union, said Wednesday that the Nets minority stakeholder may have to sell his interest in the team to be an agent for MLB...



Jay-Z, who joined Bruce Ratner in the original group of investors that bought the Nets a decade ago and became their iconic presence, is exchanging his role as owner for NBA agent. Adrian...

Would Losing Their "Icon" Hurt Nets?


If Jay-Z starts to rep NBA players in his new agency, he would have to leave the Nets ownership group. The big issue wouldn't be money, but losing their link to a "cultural icon," as the Nets refer...

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