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Sixers-Nets GameThread

Get warm, stay warm, then watch "The Bachelor."

Sixers-Nets Preview

Come on inside from shoveling and warm up with a little hoops.

King likes Teague's quickness, says DPE possible

King said the Nets like Marquis Teague's quickness and now that the team has an open roster spot (and have saved some money on the luxury tax bill), using the Disabled Player Exception becomes more of a possibility.

Sixers 94, Nets 130: Curse of the Broken Toenail

In what contained the greatest quarter of Joe Johnson's life, the Nets defeated the struggling 76ers 130-94.


Checking In On an Old Friend, Volume III

Prior to June 28, 2001, the New Jersey Nets were seen as a non-entity in the NBA. They were at the bottom of the New York/New Jersey sports scene, hadn't won a playoff game since the Spring of...

Top 10 NBA Offseason Moves

Sometime around the time were began referring to the 2010 offseason as the "Summer of LeBron," NBA offseason moves began to capture the attention of fans as much as anything outside of the Finals themselves. From the moves that seemed to do nothing but destroy dynasties to those that created them, we decided to run back the 10 biggest offseason moves of the last 20 years in the NBA. Part 1 will cover #10 through #6, and Part 2 will take us from #5 to #1. Without further adue, the biggest 10 offseason moves of the last two decades.


The Best Trade Ever - Jason Kidd and Stephon Marbury Trade Places

We're talking about the best trades in franchise history across the NBA blogosphere. The Stephon Marbury-Jason Kidd trade is the selection for the Nets franchise here.

Jason Kidd is One of Greatest, yet Still Underrated: A Fan's Perspective

Jason Kidd is viewed as one of the top point guards in league history but his play and accomplishments have not been fully appreciated. His versatililty, stats, and accolades cement him as one of the greatest players of alltime.


Hi I am a student at PSU putting on a 3v3 Mens 40+ basketball tourney to benefit Zero (the project to end Prostate Cancer) Please come to our facebook page, let us know if you are interested in putting a team together, have any stories to share about prostate cancer in your life, and like our page!!! Thank you. Any other questions can be directed to ZERO3on3@hotmail.com

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