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When It All Went South


Lawrence Frank may well be fired this week, but it doesn't change the basic mediocrity--and uncertainty--that is the Nets franchise. A lot of reporting on the team's demise ...

Facing the Curse of Thorn


Nenad Krstic will not only be battling the Nets tonight. He will also be up against the Curse of Thorn, the downward spiral players face once they are dumped by Rod Thorn. In...

Nets Have Trade Exception From Williams Trade


When Marcus Williams was traded to the Warriors in July, there was little if any attention paid to the trade exception the Nets acquired in the deal...one that could come in...

Abdur-Rahim Retires, Proving Nets Right


Three years after the Nets first agreed to sign Shareef Abdur-Rahim and then rescinded their offer, the 6'-9" former All-Star and Olympic gold medalist retired Monday, citing...

When Things Go Wrong


Optimism is all well and good, pessimism not so good, but skepticism always has great value. So is a good retrospective. We take a look in our latest off-season report on how...

NetsDaily Tries Deciphering Thorn, the Draft, and Other Things


In our second off-season report, we face the task of deciphering the code of the inscutable Rod Thorn, he of the boring phrasing and surprising deal-making. We don't pretend to...

Barring Roster Overhaul, Nets Look to Pay Luxury Tax


Rod Thorn has said some personnel decisions have been based on financial considerations, noting that the team is at or just over the luxury tax threshold. Bruce Ratner has said...

Players to Make Appearances Wednesday for Hurricane Relief


Nets players will make appearances at four different North Jersey locations Wednesday afternoon in an effort to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief. All fourteen players...

Marc Jackson Again Aiding South Jersey Community


The Nets' new power forward-center, Marc Jackson, was once again working with the South Jersey community this weekend, honoring the family of a local businessman gunned down in...

Marc Jackson Talks About Race, New Orleans, AIDS and His Goal


Marc Jackson, the Nets' new power forward and activist, was one of several Philadelphia area sports figures who spoke recently with Black Athlete about their roles in the...

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