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Talking with the author of "Brooklyn Bounce"

We sat down recently with Jake Appleman, author of "Brooklyn Bounce: the Highs and Lows of Nets Basketball's First Season in Borough. He talks about what he saw behind the scenes during a year with the team.

Cuban goes after fellow (but lesser) billionaire

Before this team lost to the Nets Friday night had himself some fun at Mikhail Prokhorov's expense. Hypothetically, he said he couldn't see how ownership from 5,000 miles away could succeed. Of course, the Nets are more valuable than the Mavs.

Nets leading NBA's international drive

The New Yorker examines the NBA's drive for internationalization and finds a New York team at the center of it all. And it's not the Knicks, who despite having all the advantages have virtually ignored the international market. It's the Nets.

AK-47 permits Nets to go all-in on Russian market

Brett Yormark told ITAR-TASS, the Russian news agency, that the Nets' acquisition of Andrei Kirilenko will help him market the team both in Russia and the Russian-speaking neighborhoods of New York. Russia, along with China, are top Nets targets

It's a business ... and business is good

They're a basketball team, should be a good one. They're also an investment. Jay Z sold his stake for $1 million, as much as 10 times what he paid for It. Indeed, the owner thinks his investment has grown "fivefold." So, he's willing to invest more.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #14

We love Paul Pierce. We spend a lot of our report this week on his comments about the Nets needing to run the city. We look at the possibilities, the history, etc. as well as the first camp invite's potential, Russian TV and Nets.com being "hacked."

Look for Nets Russian website to grow with AK-47

When Andrei Kirilenko was asked last week how important the Russian element --and Brooklyn-- was to his decision to join the Nets, he called it "huge." "It’s kind of reminding me of playing home." The Nets see it that way too.

Why did AK-47 sign? Maybe it was Irina's charm!

Bill Simmons tries his hand at figuring out why Andrei Kirilenko left $7 million on the table to sign ith the Nets. He rounds up the usual suspects, then concludes that perhaps it was Irina Pavlova's charm that did it. She won't disagree.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #4

In this week's Off-Season Report, we examine a Russian law that requires political candidates to divest their foreign holdings. Not to worry. Our Draft Sleeper is a Dukie. Seth Jones talks about Popeye on ice. Best wishes for Mookie's recovery.

Irina Pavlova talks about Nets charity

Peace Players International is a charity whose aim is using sport to bring together children from different ethnic and religious groups in areas of conflict. Irina Pavlova sits on the group's board of directors. She spoke to Huff Post about the work.

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