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Woj: Thorn Unlikely to Fire Kiki; Barrise to FDU


The coaching carousel continues. Adrian Wojnarowski reports Monday that Rod Thorn is unlikely to fire Kiki Vandeweghe over a reported secret deal between him and Del Harris. ...

What's Second Prize?


Want to coach the Nets for a day? Do that x's and o's thing with John Loyer? Tell CDR he's not playing? Set the snooze alarm for TWill or maybe even concoct a secret deal with...

Is Kiki's Job at Risk?


Should we call it Kiki-Gate? There's more fallout over a Peter Vecsey report that Kiki Vandeweghe and Del Harris had a secret agreement to make Harris the Nets head coach. Rod...

Harris Wanted to Coach, but Knew Losing Hurt His Chances


In a column Tuesday, Peter Vecsey denies Dave D'Alessandro's report that Del Harris decided to leave New Jersey when he found out that Rod Thorn told his agent there was no...

D'Alessandro: Thorn's Hard Line Sent Harris Packing


Dave D'Alessandro provides new details on Del Harris' departure, confirming that Harris wanted the Nets to promote him to head coach. Kiki Vandeweghe would then return to the...

With Depleted Staff, Nets Lean on Loyer


John Loyer is the guy sitting next to Kiki Vandeweghe now that Del Harris is gone. A veteran assistant with several NBA teams, most recently Philly, Loyer is popular with the...

Locker Room Immaturity Factor in Harris' Departure


Del Harris quit the Nets because he'd been told he wouldn't make the short list for the head coaching job next season...and because of a lack of maturity in the locker room....

As Harris Departs, Loyer Gets Bigger Role


Del Harris surprised the Nets by saying he's headed back to Texas for professional reasons, reports Dave D'Alessandro. The 72-year-old Harris was brought in to help Kiki...

Is Yi the "Eternal Tease" or "Potential All-Star"?


A fantasy basketball writer calls Yi Jianlian the "eternal tease". After the Knicks game, Tim Capstraw said Yi was looking "like a potential All-Star". The Cavs' game was more...

Yi...Dare to Dream?


Dare the Nets hope Yi Jianlian is about to realize his potential? There've been fits and starts over the past two years--the five-game stretch just before he got hurt last year ...

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