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WhoopDeDamnDo: Draft Day Mistake


The Nets to take a long look in the mirror...

Nets Work Out Xavier Guard


With the NCAA's early entry deadline Saturday, the Nets have been working out players still on the fence. Jimmer Fredette, 6'2" point guard out of Brigham Young and Jordan Crawford, a 6'4" shooting guard out of Xavier, both got in licks at the end of the week. Crawford got positive enough reviews to stay in the draft and hire Mark Bartlestein as his agent. He is projected to go at the end of the first round or the beginning of the second. Crawford gained a measure of fame last July by dunking on LeBron James at James' Skills Academy. Fredette got positive reviews as well, but remains uncertain. Players have until 11:59 p.m. Saturday to fax in their decisions.

Is There a Coin Flip in the Nets Future?


It's not likely the Nets will win enough games to tie the Timberwolves and drop into a tie for first place in the Draft Lottery. That doesn't mean the Nets' other pick in first round--acquired from the Mavericks in the Jason Kidd trade--won't be a heads-or-tails situation. Teams that have identical records at season's end flip a coin on April 15 to settle draft order. If the season ended today, the Nets would be involved in a coin flip...with the Thunder. The Mavs, whose pick is held by the Nets, and Suns, whose pick is held by the Thunder, have identical 50-26 records. So, a coin flip would decide who gets pick #26 and who gets #27. With five other teams within three games of the Mavs, it's theoretically possible the Nets could wind up in a tie for a pick as high as #22. Three of the Mavs' six remaining games are against playoff teams.

Catching Minnesota?


It's probably too much to ask for, but...the Nets are now 10-64 and have won three of their last four. The Timberwolves are 14-60 and have lost 16 straight, the third time this season they've lost 15 or more in a row. Even the Nets can't match that. What happens if the Nets catch the Wolves? The two teams would split 448 ping pong calls then flip a coin on April 15 for the 449th. The coin flip would also be used to determine who receives the earlier pick in the event that neither of them wins one of the first three picks via the lottery.

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