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Could Nets Gain from Wade Staying in Miami?

ESPN's Sheridan suggests the Nets could benefit from Dwyane Wade's decision to stay in Miami. He thinks the Nets would take Michael Beasley in a swap for "basically nothing". Nets would "restock" while the Heat would drop to $0 in payroll.

Kidd-Harris Debate Up for Renewal

Is it time to debate the Jason Kidd-Devin Harris trade...again. With the Mavs down 3-1 to the Spurs and appearing to be headed for another first round exit, has Kidd met Mark Cuban's expectations? Did the Nets get enough of what they wanted 26 months ago?

Deadlines and Commitments - III

With only a few legal formalities standing between Mikhail Prokhorov and the Nets, the team is now fully engaged in preparing for a new coach, busy nights on May 18 (Draft Lottery) and June 24...

After LeBron, the Back-Up Plan

What's Plan 'B" for the Nets if they don't get LeBron, who they will no doubt target? There are four "hot" names in the Nets' front office: Amar'e Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, David Lee and Rudy Gay. What are the chances?

Woj: Nets' Coaching Search Is All About JVG

Adrian Wojnarowski says Jeff Van Gundy is the Nets #1 choice for head coach and that everyone else is a distant #2. He also thinks the Nets' biggest advantage in turning things around is Mikhail Prokhorov's personality. He says players will be attracted to partying with him and his girls.

Game 79 - Nets vs. Bulls - Friday, April 9, 8:00

The Nets can play spoiler Friday night against the Bulls ... or they can clinch the worst record in the league.

Deadlines and Commitments

With the season nearing an end and Mikhail Prokhorov still not approved as Nets owner, time is running short for the Nets' front office to begin preparing for the draft, free agency and coaching search. The dates to watch begin this weekend.

Moving Devin Harris

Devin Harris thinks If the Nets get John Wall, they can play together. "However we can make it work, I’d like to try to make it work," he tells Dave D'Alessandro of the Star-Ledger. “It doesn’t have to be a bad transition.”

Nets Looking at "Big Five" for Top Pick

Nets looking at five players at NCAA's for their lottery pick: John Wall, Even Turner, DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors and Wesley Johnson. They're also scouring March Madness for two sleepers. They have the Dallas pick and the first pick in the second round.

Gauging the Future - Two Views

ESPN and the stats-heavy Basketball Prospectus have two different views of the Nets future. In its "Future Power Rankings", ESPN puts the Nets at #18, a drop of one place since November despite...

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