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Nets Pull Off Shocker in Boston


Just when you least expected it, the Nets got win No. 6 with an upset of the Celtics in Boston on Saturday afternoon. It's their second straight road win. The Celtics opened the...

Dooling Unhurt in Accident


Keyon Dooling joked Friday about how he might be getting rid of his Infinity SUV soon. "It didn’t handle well,’’ he said of the vehicle. "It didn’t do well when I needed it to.’’...

Feed the Beast, aka Brook


There was much finger-pointing Monday over why Brook Lopez's touches dropped dramatically as the game went on...and the Nets lost. Devin Harris said he was partially to blame. ...

Nets Vets Uncertain About Buyouts


Between now and March 1, playoff contenders will be looking to see if they can sign vets who might help them either get into the playoffs or advance through them. The Nets have...

The Whole Is Not Equal to the Sum of Its Parts


You've heard it or read it before: how can a team with this much, admittedly young, talent be on course to be the worst team in NBA history? Anthony Macri of the highly...

Cavs Toy With Nets, Put them Away in the Fourth


The Nets have 47 losses this season, and it seems like most of them have followed the same script. Again on Tuesday in Cleveland, they hung around with a stronger team for about...

Harris vs. Rondo


They've been compared before. Last year, Devin Harris was the all-star, Rajon Rondo the left-off. This year the roles are reversed...and more. Rondo, of course, has been...

Game 49 - Nets @ Celtics - Friday, February 5, 7:30


Paul Pierce is be out with a bad foot, there are trade rumors surrounding Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett is still not himself, and Rajon Rondo says there are locker room issues. The...

Hollinger: Nets Are Worse Than You Think


John Hollinger lives by the numbers and what he says in a lengthy story on the Nets season is not pretty: "Despite how badly they started the season, the Nets seem to be getting...

As Harris Goes, So Go the Nets


He's not just the captain...or it's only All-Star...or the only starter older than 24. Devin Harris is the Nets' barometer. When he plays well, so do the Nets. Everyone...

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