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... JUST BECAUSE WE GET AROUND DON'T MEAN TO CAUSE A BIG SENSATION... ...TALKING ABOUT MY GENERATION W illian H azard O scar = THE WHO. via 3.bp.blogspot.com GONE is Mata, the Ma...

Branislav Ivanovic’s Top 5 Goals for Chelsea FC


n honor of Branislav Ivanovic’s brilliant game-winning goal against Manchester City last night, we here at The Pride of London would like to take a look back at what we believe are the top five goals of his Chelsea FC career. The big Serbian defender is best known for his towering headers, intimidating presence, and his ability to lock down the right side of defense for the Blues. Ivanovic has also scored 24 goals in 250 appearances with several of them being very important for the club. In fact, since Ivanovic made his Premier League debut, the PL’s top-scoring defenders in open play are John Terry (18), Gary Cahill (17) and Ivanovic (15). Here are five of his best!

Kidd, Nets meet with Arsenal FC


Yesterday the Brooklyn Nets met with and exchanged jerseys with Chelsea FC. Today, Jason Kidd and the Nets got to meet with Arsenal FC.

Nets, Chelsea FC exchange custom jerseys


The Brooklyn Nets are in London to take on the Atlanta Hawks. As part of their experience, they met with some of the Chelsea FC players and exchanged custom jerseys.



Another fantastic piece by Ted Knutson over at Statsbomb.com. Although most of the points that he brings up will be known to the readers of WAGNH, there is interesting statistical data which validates our assumptions and available for our reference. Do check it out!

WAGNHSSS - The Democratic Republic of Wheaties

We've given you two weeks to submit your entries for the 2013 We Ain't Got No History SSS, and over the next week we'll be highlighting some of the ones that really caught our eye (in no particular...

WAGNH Summer Spending Spree: BfloSoldier Edition [Redux]

Overview I attempted to piece together a scenario in which I could assemble a squad that could rival the best in the world, mimicking the kind of quality and depth Bayern Munich ran out in...


Playing Devil's (but really, Ramires') Advocate

Hello folks! Me again. After the WAGNH-pocalypse that happened in the fallout of my Ramires Case Study, I thought I'd atone for my evaluation by doing the other half of the argument. I feel a bit...


A Tribute to 202: Bobby Tambling

A few years ago, when he felt he was game to challenge for Drogba's spot in the squad. - via i.dailymail.co.uk As most of you know, Bobby Tambling was Chelsea Football Club's leading...


Chelsea FC: The Beginning

First off, you need to read this in your head as though a certain type of commentator is speaking these words to you. This post was a labour of love for me, and as such, it is fairly long. I...

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