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Nets No Match for Cavs


It was the best team vs. the worst at the Izod Center on Wednesday, and it looked like it for most of the night. The Nets kept the game close for just a few minutes before a 21-4 Cavs run made it...

Game 60 - Nets vs. Cavaliers - Wednesday, March 3, 7:30


The season is two-thirds done, the Nets are playing their best ball of the season and they now run into the Cavaliers and Magic. After beating Boston on the weekend, the team is...

Impressing the King


The Nets play the Cavs well. Even though they've lost three games to Cleveland and LeBron James, they've all been close with margins of 10, 8 and 7. Compare that to the Knicks...

Coon: Wall Could Be Key to James


It's been well reported LeBron James is close to John Wall. He's even been recruiting Wall to join his marketing agency. So Larry Coon, the cap guru, thinks the Nets best chance...

Woj: Don't Count Nets Out of LeBron Sweepstakes


Adrian Wojnarowski spent some time on the WFAN Tuesday talking about trades, then where LeBron James will wind up, emphatically saying, "the Nets will be in this...don't count...

Lopez Gets High Praise


Brook Lopez is one of three NBA players who lead their teams in points, rebounds and blocks. The others are Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan. Nice company, too bad about that...

LeBron to Gotham? Getting Less Likely


LeBron James can't understand why the Nets are 4-47. "They have some good talent, it is hard to believe [their record]," James said Tuesday. And while the King has stopped...

Cavs Toy With Nets, Put them Away in the Fourth


The Nets have 47 losses this season, and it seems like most of them have followed the same script. Again on Tuesday in Cleveland, they hung around with a stronger team for about...

Game 51 - Nets @ Cavaliers - Tuesday, February 9, 7:00


The 4-46 Nets face the 44-11 Cavaliers. It's enough to send shivers up and down your spine and then up and down again. The Cavs have won 11 straight, have the best record in the...

Hayes Back, Harris 50-50 for Cavs


Jarvis Hayes says his bruised shin won't stop him from playing Tuesday in Cleveland. Devin Harris thinks it's "50-50" whether he plays with a sprained shoulder. The two looked...

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