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D-Will Goes One-on-One With Brooklyn


Deron Williams was shooting some stills with RedBull in Brooklyn Wednesday when a game of "one-on-one" broke out, as he describes it. D-Will posted images of him playing some locals at Tillary Park in downtown Brooklyn on Instagram. SheridanHoops called it the Tweet of the Night.

Brooklyn's Embrace in Pictures


Two days after giving front page treatment to Jay-Z's role with the Nets, the Times has posted a slideshow of just how Brooklyn is embracing the Nets, making their paraphernalia a fashion statement, their logo part of the borough's imagery. As the Times titles their slideshow, "In Brooklyn, It’s All Nets." In fact, the Nets logo has become so ubiquitous that Imam Shumpert of the Knicks went to extraordinary lengths to obscure it in a photo with a fan.

Season Tickets for Brooklynites First


Anyone here planning on getting to Atlantic Terminal Monday morning to be the first to get season tickets? They're requiring a utility bill to prove you live in Brooklyn in order to take part in this event. Just as soon as I hit the number, I'll be taking part.

Brooklyn Based: Nets Gain—and Losses


The lead article in today's newsletter-email from the BROOKLYN BASED website. Asks the question: "So what does it mean to Brooklyn basketball fans if, in fact, our new home team sucks?" Sigh....

Nets Seek Taste of Brooklyn for Arena


The Nets want to serve authentic Brooklyn food to their fans at games as well as concert goers. Barclays Center officials have sent out a survey to find which borough restaurants and food service businesses can give a little Brooklyn flavor to the arena, writes Erin Durkin in the Daily News.

Nets Developing Code of Conduct for Barclays


At a community meeting this week, a representative of Forest City Ratner said arena management and presumably the Nets are at work on a code of conduct for Barclays Center. Among the possibilities, suggested Jane Marshall, is a cutoff of beer sales earlier than the end of the third quarter, the NBA rule. Local residents note that the Brooklyn arena is more intertwined with a residential neighborhood than any other.

A Worm Turns in Brooklyn


After he walked off with $3 million in Bruce Ratner's money a year and a half ago, Daniel Goldstein portrayed himself as a bit of a vagabond, not homeless but looking for his next home nonetheless. He found it, a couple of miles away from the Barclays Center in Park Slope. But the story doesn't end there. It seems the house on 15th Street isn't big enough for Goldstein, his wife and nearly three-year-old daughter. So they're putting up an addition that has neighbors fuming. They're so angry with the addition (and Goldstein's refusal to respond to them) that they are threatening a "six year lawsuit." Sound familiar...or maybe just ironic?

A-10 Moving Tourney to Barclays


The Barclays Center has picked up another college basketball tournament. Two weeks after taking the "Coaches vs. Cancer Classic" from Madison Square Garden, ESPN is reporting that the Atlantic 10 Conference is moving from Atlantic City to Atlantic Avenue. Andy Katz writes that the A-10 wants more exposure in new York, thus the move to Brooklyn.

Barclays Could Host Multiple Tourneys


Andrew Katz, ESPN's college hoops writer, reports that one beneficiary conference realignments is that Barclays Center could host a number of hoops tournaments. "The Barclays Arena in Brooklyn will provide the New York City area with multiple opportunities to host conference tournaments," Katz writes. "The ACC, Big East and A-10 should all have choices for tournaments in the coming years."

Give me a "B"...First Sign of Barclays Center Signage


The main signage on the Nets' new arena will be large well-lit letters reading out "Barclays Center" along both sides of the arena. And the lettering is being done a few blocks away and then added to the arena facade, as one of the critics chronicled recently.

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