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Celtics Had Interest, But Roster Remains the Same as Deadline Passes


Rod Thorn told Fred Kerber Monday night he had heard nothing from players' agents and did not plan buyouts for any Net veterans. So, the midnight deadline passed for players to be waived if they...

Nets Vets Uncertain About Buyouts


Between now and March 1, playoff contenders will be looking to see if they can sign vets who might help them either get into the playoffs or advance through them. The Nets have...

Deadline Deals Could Yield D-League Call-Ups


With eight expiring contracts of one kind or another, the Nets should be a player, if only as a third team, in deadline deals. "Somebody could call looking for an expiring...

Nets Finish Off Bobcats To Win Fifth Game, 103-94


The drive for five is over. The Nets opened the second part of the season with their fifth win of the season--and second over the Bobcats. The Nets actually win the season...

Nets "Inquired" About Sergio Rodriguez


The Sacramento Bee reports the Knicks and Nets "inquired" about Kings' back up point guard, Sergio Rodriguez, the flashy 6'3" Spaniard once known as "Spanish Chocolate. ...

Thorn: "Not Looking to Trade CDR"


Rod Thorn told Fred Kerber the Nets are "not looking to trade Chris", adding there's been interest. "I can understand why [teams] like him. He has talent and a small salary."...

Game 50 - Nets @ Pistons - Saturday, February 5, 7:30


In a quirk of the NBA schedule, the Nets play the Pistons for the second time in five days on Saturday, with both teams coming off the first half of a back-to-back. While the...

Vets Sit and Wait for Tickets Out of Town


Eight Nets are playing on expiring contracts worth more than $30 million...trade bait. Having seen Eduardo Najera and Rafer Alston leave to make room for young players, those...

Who's Next? Looks Like Boone


In the past week, the Nets have waived Rafer Alston and Sean Williams, traded Eduardo Najera and acquired Kris Humphries, Chris Quinn, Shawne Williams, a second round pick and...

Stein: Yi Joining Lopez and Harris on Nets' "Untouchable" List


Amid rumors the Nets are "peddling" Josh Boone, among others, Marc Stein says Yi Jianlian's surge is putting him on the Nets' "untouchable" list, right behind Brook Lopez and...

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