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Could a D-League Team Beat the Nets?


Marc Stein wrote recently the Nets might audition some D-Leaguers after the trade deadline. Ridiculous Upside, the D-League blog, thinks fans shouldn't dis the "D". It suggests...

September Song


Monday is the first day of September and September is the month the Nets will gather, officially this time, for workouts. It's also Labor Day which Rod Thorn has said will usher...

It's Getting Downright Drafty in Here


The NBADraft.net clock continues to tick down the days, hours, minutes and seconds til the Bulls are officially on the clock next Thursday. To wile away the hours, we have...

Does Frank Give Rookies Enough Time?


It's an article of faith among Lawrence Frank's critics that he doesn't develop young players, that he doesn't even play them! Is that so? NetsDaily takes a long look at where...

Benson Lost Confidence with the Nets


Rod Benson, writing for Yahoo! Sports, looks back at his stay in the Nets' training camp. The first man cut, he played only one minute in one preseason game. It's not that he...

Benson Leading Net Rejects Around the World


Nets training camp was a busy place this summer with 20 players moving in and out. How they doing now? We all know about Eddie Gill. Robert Hite is averaging better than 15 ppg...

Youth Must Be Served...and Is


Marcus Williams is expected to start practicing when the Nets get home from the West Coast. Once he and Sean Williams are on the court, they will form the team's youngest duo...

Boom Tho Buh Bye


Rod Benson writes in his blog about his final days with the Nets and what his three weeks in a Nets uniform taught him. It wasn't just the inconsistency and lack of...

Nets Waive Benson


The Nets announced Sunday afternoon that they have waived Rod Benson. Benson played just 1:21 in the preseason opener in Philadelphia Friday night. There are now 19 players left...

Rod at Mickey D's - "You Want Boom Tho with That?"


It's not enough that Rod Benson has to make some points this training camp. He has to make some burgers, too. After working the drive-through at the local McDonald's as part of...

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