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"The most connected stadium in the world"

Tech Republic, the CBS magazine for IT professionals, reports this week on connected stadiums and arenas and calls Barclays Center "the most connected stadium in the world," with its Wi-Fi, apps and reliable, scalable access.

Nets going green ... atop Barclays Center roof

SHoP, the Barclays Center architect, has released a new image of the arena, with a green roof, surrounded by the planned three apartment towers at the eastern edge of the building site.

How analytics helped Nets improve crowd control

Ever wonder why Barclays Center often looks empty a half hour of so before the game, then fills up? Ever notice, how fans move to the left once they enter the arena? So have the Nets. So they've employed analytics to help them.

Look Up! Barclays added acoustic baffles

Norman Oder, critic and chronicler of Atlantic Yards, reports that Barclays Center has already installed $500,000 worth of acoustic baffles in the arena ceiling and is planning "architectural and environmental" enhancement to the arena roof.

Where have the $15 tickets gone?

The Nets had "promised" back in 2012 to sell 2,000 tickets to each home game at $15 apiece. Now, however, those tickets are no longer available. So, where have they gone?

GQ to encourage sports debates with barbershop

Let the hoop arguments begin! Early Friday, Deron Williams and boxer Luis Collazo will sit in oversized and overstuffed chair at Barclays Center's newest retail store the GQ (once Gentleman's Quarterly, now just GQ) BarberShop.

To hell with the diet!

As the Brooklyn Eagle headlines: "to hell with the diet!" The newspaper reports that both Tony Roma's and Shake Shack should be open by the spring, when hopefully the Nets will still be playing across the street at Barclays Center. Roma's is first.

Metal detectors back at Barclays Center

After a disastrous experience with metal detectors last year, Barclays Center abandoned them and had security personnel use wands to move people through the main entrance. Now, apparently pushed by the NYPD and NBA security, they're back.

It's Bigs vs. Bigs as Nets open Barclays Center

Two teams that had great off-seasons will open Barclays Center Saturday night as the Nets face the Pistons in downtown Brooklyn.  The game is the first of two that will not be televised this...

Holy Oculus! Digital art arrives at Barclays

Starting Thursday, the 360-degree, 30,000 square foot opening to the sky will feature "All Day," described by the Wall Street Journal as a "dreamlike dreamlike representation of Brooklyn and its neighborhoods." It the latest piece of art at the arena

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