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Avery Feeling Like a Winner

With the Nets playing their best basketball of the season (six of their last nine, five of their last seven), Avery Johnson must be feeling "pretty good", as he would say, about the team. He also feels good about Gemologist, a Kentucky Derby contender owned by friends. On Saturday, Johnson traveled to Aqueduct Raceway to watch his pals' horse win the Wood Memorial, then walk him to the Winners' Circle.

TUNE-IN ALERT: Avery Johnson on WFAN at 2 p.m.

Avery Johnson, the only NBA coach with a Super Bowl ring (from the New Orleans Saints), will talk basketball and football at 2 p.m. with Mike "the Sports Pope" Francesa, broadcasting from Radio Row at the J.W. Marriott in Indianapolis. The interview will be simulcast live on YES.

Thanksgiving Memory, Christmas Hope

The Nets are still trying to make things better for those in need, in Newark and in Brooklyn, by sending turkeys and dishing out food at community centers...but without the players. One place they gone on past Thanksgivings, the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Newark, remembers what it was like with the players present. "It was an awesome day," Deacon Gilbert Snead Jr. recalls to Al Iannazzone. "The way they interacted with the community, it was like they were at home." Now, he's hoping the lockout will be over by Christmas so the players can come back.

TUNE-IN ALERT: Kris & Kim Get Married

It's called "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: a Kardashian Event" (aka "Two Nights, Two Hours, Too Much"). E! will air four hours of Kris and Kim over the next two nights: two hours Sunday night starting at 8 p.m.., then another two hours Monday at 9 p.m. Other than Kris Humphries, who plays a supporting role as Ms. Kardashian's husband, look for cameo appearances by Jordan Farmar, Brook Lopez, Billy King, Bobby Marks, Avery Johnson and a couple of assistant coaches.

Avery Johnson: From Hardship Springs Renewed Dedication

Avery Johnson can't talk about Nets players during the lockout and he didn't in Lubbock, TX, Friday. But he can talks about leadership, which he loves to do. Johnson told a group of high school sophomores at Texas Tech about how the hardship of losing in 2006 prepared his Mavericks for their 2011 championship run. "That process helped them to prepare so we could have positive results," said Johnson.

TUNE-IN ALERT: Avery Johnson with Mike Lupica

Expect Avery Johnson to talk playoffs, his old team, the Mavericks, his new team, the Nets; and the Nets' model, the Heat, when he joins Mike Lupica on ESPN Radio 1050, Thursday, June 2, at 2:30 p.m Johnson's last appearance on the airwaves got cut short last week when the FAN switched to a press conference by the Mets' new owner.

TUNE-IN ALERT: Avery Johnson on WFAN

Avery Johnson to appear at 11:25 a.m. Thursday on WFAN 660 AM w/ Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts. Johnson, who's been doing studio analysis for ESPN during the playoffs, is likely to be asked about the playoffs, the NBA Draft and free agency. Who knows, he might get a question about Kris and Kim.

Avery's Wife Talks Style at the Derby

The Jamaica Observer (that would be Jamaica the country, not the section of Queens) caught up with Cassandra Johnson at the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago and talked style and taste and privacy and that hat. Asked what perfume she's spraying, she kept it in the Nets' extended family. "Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian," replied Mrs. Johnson.

LOL Hilarious Avery Johnson Twitter Account!!!

some guy just made this. i found it hilarious! must check it out

Sussman Sez: 8 is Enough

It's the Sez's first blog of the D-Will era, and it didn't take long. Nets PA Announcer and VP of PR Gary Sussman basks in the glow of the Deron Williams acquisition, calling Wednesday "a date that will live forever in Nets lore." Meanwhile, Williams recorded a short "shout-out" for Nets fans, saying "it's great to be part of your team".

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