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Teletovic learning Nets system ... and Vice Versa

It's going to take a while for Mirza Teletovic to get adjusted to playing in the NBA, living in New York (with a wife and two children). So far, he says, it's working. Avery Johnson is encouraging...

Who Owns New York? How About the NBA?

At Nets Media Day, it was more than just the obligatory line about the goal being the NBA championship. A number of Nets players and coaches talked openly their belief that the Nets can bring the...

Hello Brooklyn: USA Today Special Section on Nets

Not to be outdone by New York papers, two of which devoted their Saturday front pages to the Nets, USA Today has a special section this weekend on the Nets, a dozen pages on the team's arrival in...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #23

we look at numbers from Friday re: the lack of congestion and unruly behavior; share what we hear about who's doing well; update roll-outs; congratulate Jake Appleman on his book contract to pen...

Avery: 3-5 year window for Nets


Avery Johnson tells USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt that the Nets are "a hungry team," but they can't waste any time, because their core is primed to win now, with a rotation that has a "3-5 year window."

Is Avery Johnson On The Hot Seat?


Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld looks at coaches for whom 2012-13 could be make-or-break. Top of his list? Avery Johnson.

D-Will: "Don't Sleep On Us"


Avery Johnson has said he doesn't think the Nets are championship contenders and although Deron Williams didn't use the word Monday, he left only a little doubt about what HE thinks the Nets are...

Josh Childress Workout Still On

No Dominic McGuire, No problem. Josh Childress, who was supposed to work out with (against?) Dominic McGuire Tuesday, will now workout alone in front of Billy King and Avery Johnson, Mike Mazzeo...

Avery: "Excited" But "A Lot of Work"


Avery Johnson IS excited about his team and points out the difference between going into camp this year and in previous years. Still, his mantra this pre-season appears to be, "We're excited about...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #20

in our latest Off-Season Report, we examine Andray Blatche's past and hope for the future, the Nets latest roster math, Mirza Teletovic's toughness, our best guess on the new uniform; an...

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