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Is Yi the "Eternal Tease" or "Potential All-Star"?


A fantasy basketball writer calls Yi Jianlian the "eternal tease". After the Knicks game, Tim Capstraw said Yi was looking "like a potential All-Star". The Cavs' game was more...

Carter, Anderson Pulling for Former Teammates


They still watch. They still talk to their former teammates and although their team is doing well, Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson worry about the Nets. "I always keep up with...

In ESPN Sophomore Ranking, Lopez Fifth Best Big Man


Brook Lopez has had a hard time this season. He's been playing almost 40 minutes a game over the past two weeks. Moreover, he's been sent out to the perimeter to give the Nets...

Dave D: Lower Your Sights in 2010


In his first mailbag of the season (oh, how we have waited), Dave D'Alessandro writes of the future and suggests fans not focus their 2010 hopes and dreams on big name free...

Game 9 - Nets @ Magic - Friday, November 13, 7:00


A Friday the 13th game against a team named the Magic? The Nets laugh at such jinxes. What else can they do? Seeking their first win after eight losses--the last three...

Numbers Game


As the Nets prepare for their mini-road trip to Florida, they still don't know if they will have any more than eight players available vs. the Magic or Heat. Of the seven...

Where's the Scoring Going to Come From?


Even before Devin Harris went down, there was a question of who would replace Vince Carter's 20 points a game. Now, it's become crucial. HoopsWorld's Alex Raskin asked Net--and...

New Light Shed on Carter Trade Talks


There's new details on how the Vince Carter trade went down last June. George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel writes the Magic liked Courtney Lee so much the deal had to be blessed...

Missing the Voice


Vince Carter crashed the Nets film session Friday afternoon, harrassed his old coach, then spoke of his biggest success as a Net: nurturing the young guys last year, including...

On the Other Side Now, Lee Wants to Win


Courtney Lee admits he was "devastated" by the trade, admits he has a lot of love for the Orlando area (Jersey's a "little bit different") and fondly recalls going to the Finals....

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