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Citing Nets, Wade Says Things Can Always Be Worse


The Heat are playing mediocre ball. They're 24-24, in the eighth playoff spot. It's wearing on Dywane Wade, but he understands it could be worse. He could be with the 4-42...

What to Expect from the New Guys


The Nets have liked Kris Humphries for a while. Shawne Williams was forced on them, the price for getting Humphries. Chris Quinn was value returned for Rafer Alston. Dallas...

Who's Next? Looks Like Boone


In the past week, the Nets have waived Rafer Alston and Sean Williams, traded Eduardo Najera and acquired Kris Humphries, Chris Quinn, Shawne Williams, a second round pick and...

Players Ho-Hum About In-Flight Gambling Ban


Devin Harris says he reads. Chris Douglas-Roberts says he listens to music and doesn't gamble, period. Jarvis Hayes says the same. Trenton Hassell admits to video games. ...

Nets Buy Out Alston, Acquire Chris Quinn and Swap of Picks


The Nets and Rafer Alston reached an agreement on a buyout Tuesday. Alston accepted $2.1 million on the $3.05 million still owed him and will sign with the Heat. In a separate...

Hayes Expected Back Tuesday...for Real


There have been a few false starts for Jarvis Hayes as he has tried to rev up his engine for a return. After 11 weeks and 32 games, it looks like he will back in uniform Tuesday...

Woj: Nets Wanted Nate and Darko


Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that before Christmas, the Nets offered Rafer Alston and Tony Battie to the Knicks for Nate Robinson and Darko Milicic. The Knicks, Woj reports, turned...

No Change--or Change in Plans--on the Horizon


Could a trade save the Nets season? Almost certainly no. Could it make things less painful? Sure, but that would almost certainly require the team to abandon its plans for 2010...

Boone Latest in Nets Infirmary


Yi Jianlian will get a lot of time on the court Monday. Josh Boone and Eduardo Najera will be in plainclothes. Boone's left knee is sore, keeping him out for the first time...

The Softer Sides of CDR and Skip-to-My-Lou


Jaclyn Sabol (aka Jac-of-all-Nets) sits down with Chris Douglas-Roberts and Rafer Alston as part of the Know-Your-Net series. CDR talks quietly about his motivations and work...

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