Power Rankings

How the Nets are doing in weekly NBA power rankings around the web.

Nets Get No Respect in Power Rankings


Despite being the hottest team in the NBA, with a 9-1 record over the last 10 games, including wins over division leading Thunder (in OKC), Pacers and Knicks (at the Garden), they barely make the...

Nets Rising in Power Rankings, but Not That High


The Nets have the longest winning streak in the NBA at six and the best record over the last 10 at 8-2. You'd think that would put them in the top five, a level they reached back in November. But...

Avery Wanted Popeye as His Replacement


Marc J. Spears in his power rankings writes that in his final discussions with Nets management Avery Johnson suggested that instead of P.J. Carlesimo, the Nets should promote Popeye Jones to...

Two Wins, Brook's Big Games Don't Help Rankings


The Nets are dissed in the latest power rankings which suggest that the Nets are a lottery team. A majority of the rankers for the first time have the Nets at No. 15 or lower, meaning they're not...

Nets Rank in the Middle of the NBA Rankings


Well, it's better than last year or the year before that or the year before that, etc., etc. The Nets fall in the middle of the latest NBA power rankings, a bit of a drop from last week. Power...

How Far Did They Drop in Power Rankings? Not Much


After a lackluster week, with two wins and two losses, both heart-breakers but both to good teams, the Nets remain in the power rankers top 10 or close enough. No one but Grizzlies executive John...

Power Rankers Give Nets Pass on Lopez Loss


The Nets remain in the top 10 of power rankings as writers give them a pass on the temporary loss of Brook Lopez. To a man, they see Lopez as the team's lynchpin and since he will be back soon,...

From Top 10 to Top 5


In last week's Power Rankings, the consensus was that the Nets were a top 10 team. After their winning streak, and despite their loss to the Heat, the Nets are now a consensus top 5 team. Who would...

D-Will as MVP? Realistic or Just a Chant?


For the first time this season, Sekou Smith gives Deron Williams some credibility in his MVP rankings, placing the Nets PG seventh in his weekly rankings. It's not about D-Will's statistics, writes...

Nets Powering Up in Rankings


All the big power rankings have the Nets in the top this week, actually top nine, with several of them moving them into the top seven. But in each case, the team they play Monday night is ranked...

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