Power Rankings

How the Nets are doing in weekly NBA power rankings around the web.

Little change in Power Rankings for Nets


With the exception of David Aldridge, all the other pundits this week have the Nets in the top 10. Despite two frustrating losses, Brooklyn is getting credit for surviving their grueling road trip,...

Nets jump ahead of Knicks in Power Rankings


Not in every pundit's eye, but in most, the Nets have finally moved ahead of the Knicks in power rankings. Although the Knicks are a couple of games ahead in the standings, but the Nets 3-1 start...

Nets top 10, say (most) power rankers


With the exception of Marc Stein and David Aldridge, the other power ranking pundits agree the Nets are a top ten team. Of the nine we regularly review, five rank the Nets eighth. Stein ranks the...

Nets Power Ranking: Still around No. 10


Most of the power rankings are done by Monday, which this week means before the Philly game. Still, even latest ranker, Marc J. Spears, had them at No. 9. No one has them higher than No. 9 and no...

Power Ranking Consensus: Around No. 12


Power rankings are all over the lot this week, with the consensus being that they remain in the top dozen, but with the two senior power rankers, John Schuhmann and Marc Stein, dropping them to No....

In Power Rankings, Nets Still Behind Knicks


In all but one of this week's rankings, the Knicks are ahead of the Nets. Since the Knicks beat the Nets at the Garden back in December, the Knicks are 14-14, the Nets 20-12. In the last two week,...

Nets Hanging Around Top 10 in Power Rankings


With the All-Star Break now over and a full schedule of games restarted, power rankers are back in business and for the most part, the Nets numbers haven't changed. They've moved up a little after...

What a Difference a Game Makes


With power rankings now spread out over five days, from Friday through Tuesday, it's hard to get a good read, particularly when the early rankers were basing their numbers on the Spurs blowout,...

In Power Rankings, Nets at 11


It's rare that so many pundits are as nearly unanimous about a team as the weekly power rankers are about the Nets. With few exceptions, the Nets fall just out of the NBA's top 10, at No. 11. The...

In Power Rankings No Surprises ... Still Top 10


The power rankings were a bit late in places this week so we delayed reporting on them. Didn't matter much. After all, a blowout of the Magic was expected. Most of the rankers have the Nets 9, 10...

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