Power Rankings

How the Nets are doing in weekly NBA power rankings around the web.

For Schuhmann, Lopez is the "Big If"


John Schuhmann seems as bored as the rest of us. With free agency wrapping up and only a few roster spots open around the league, he ranks the league's 30 teams from San Antonio at the top to...

Power Rankings: Are Pacers better than Nets?


Power rankings are out and again, we are bit mystified. It's not about the Nets rankings, which run the gamut from No. 5 to No. 14. It's that about half the rankers put the Pacers ahead of the Nets...

Pacers ahead of Nets in Power Rankings! Really?


What's really got us scratching our heads is how most power rankers still have the Pacers above the Nets. Indiana has lost three straight and five of their last six. In the last two weeks of March,...

Power rankers confused by Nets rise


The Nets have the best record in the East in 2014 (27-10) and for the month of March (11-2).. They were won four straight last week and 11 straight at home, both bests in the East. That should be...

Power Rankings: If they had waited a day!


If the power ranking pundits had waited until Tuesday morning to rate the NBA, the Nets might have been higher than the consensus No. 16, but Monday is the day for most of them, so we'll have to...

Power Rankings: More Deron than Twin


The big news this week about the Nets is, of course, Jason Collins and a lot of the power-ranking pundits see his skill set --defense, BBIQ-- helping the team stabilize and move up. But how about...

Kidd gets kudos as Nets rise in power rankings


The Nets are now 13-5 in the new year. That's the best record of any Eastern Conference team. For the most part, the Power Rankings reflect the Nets continued rise, with pundits generally putting...

Power Rankings in play and celebrity


The Nets are in the middle of the pack in this week's Power Rankings, with the consensus being about No. 17. But in celebrity, they had to be No. 1 with former President Bill Clinton, Jay-Z,...

Nets move up ... even into Top 10!


After their best January in team history --38 years-- the Nets are making power rankers forget the first two months of the season or at least re-think them. Two power rankers have the Nets in the...

Nets powering up the rankings


The Nets keep winning and they keep rising in pundits' Power Rankings, with a couple of exceptions. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! dropped them two spots after they won easily in London, their sixth win...


Power Rankings: Going up and going to London


Power rankers big story this week is the rise of the Nets and Knicks. Every one of the lists show big jumps for the New York teams, with the Nets mostly ranked higher. The rankings range from No....

With playoffs in sight, Power Rankers push Nets up


As Tuesday dawns, icy cold and dead of winter, the Nets are a game out of the playoffs, just behind the Pistons. Not only that, but they are only two and a half out of fifth, a place currently held...

Power Rankings: Nothing to see here, move along!


More of the same from power ranking pundits, but who can blame them. Mediocre play week after week gets you mediocre rankings. A couple of them rank the Nets at No. 23, but more of them have them...

Power Rankings: More of the same - It's BAD


Okay, so we had some Christmas shopping to do in Manhattan and we didn't to the Power Rankings until this morning. Big deal. Whatever rank the pundits ascribed to the Nets on Monday (or Friday in a...

Power rankings: a slow rise from the bottom


The week's Power Rankings are (mostly) in and even though Christmas shopping and whatever has caused a couple of the pundits to miss their deadline, the general trend is up, but not much.

No Power Rankings bounce from Bucks win


It seems the Nets get no style points or jumps in Power Rankings from their win over the lowly (and injured) Bucks. The two brutal losses that defined last week, especially the embarrassing loss to...

Power Rankings: Slightly up but still down.


The Nets have won two of their last four, vs. the Raptors and Rockets, but they're still 5-12 and now are missing four rotation players. So it's difficult from power ranking pundits to move them up...

Down, down, down go the Power Rankings


The last time the Nets were ranked this low in Power Rankings? Best we can tell it was final rankings of 2009-10 when a late rush got them out of range of the all-time low in wins. Pundits had them...

Power Rankings: More pain for the patient


We waited till the end of the day to make sure we got all the Power Rankings. Probably not a good idea this week. Just more pain. No one seems to be giving the Nets the same leeway fans are. Well,...

Power Rankings: Dropping and disappointing


Kevin Garnett comes in for some heavy criticism this week in Power Rankings, with one ranker suggesting KG "must just be finished," and another noting that when he's on the floor, the Nets are much...

It's Power Rankings time! Nets in middle of pack


There's probably nothing more irrelevant as first week Power Rankings, but if writers are gonna write them, we're gonna report them. Most rankers put the Nets in the middle of the pack, taking...

First Power Rankings: Nets in Top Five


Power Rankings are in: Marc Stein says Nets debut at No. 3; Matt Moore at No. 5. Stein concern: Kidd's inexperience. Moore: Nets age. Heat and Pacers above Nets in both rankings.

ESPN Future Power Rankings: Nets are No. 19


ESPN.com has updated their Future Power Rankings and the Brooklyn Nets have moved up two spots to No. 19 since last May. The rankings look at the team's prospects of strength over the next three...

SB Nation Power Rankings: Nets are 8th


In the SB Nation NBA power rankings, the Brooklyn Nets came in 8th, collectively, while the Miami Heat were the top team and the Philadelphia 76ers came in last place.

Nets Finish #9 in Power Rankings, Up 14 Spots


As John Schuhmann says, "The Nets are, by far, the most improved team in the league from last season," by virtually any measure. In the final power rankings of the season, Schuhmann and the other...

Power Rankings Reveal Uncomfortable Truth


How's this for a cautionary tale on the night the Nets blew out the lowly Sixers: John Schuhmann points out, the Nets have lost eight of their last night against winning teams and are 14-26 against...

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