Off-Season Report

Net Income's weekly off-season reports on a variety of topics.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #7


It is now crunchtime. Over the next three weeks, the Nets will be wheeling and dealing, trying to get to the next level. In our latest Off-Season report, we offer Kris Humphries trade options, our...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #6


This week, we try to wrap our heads around the concept of "Coach Kidd," devoting most of the Off-Season Report to his hiring, particularly the rift between pundits and players on Kidd's elevation....

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #5


We reveal who we think is the mystery man, the coaching candidate that has complicated the Nets search, the person whose elevation would be shocking. We think it's No. 5. The rest isn't as...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #4


In this week's Off-Season Report, we examine a Russian law that requires political candidates to divest their foreign holdings. Not to worry. Our Draft Sleeper is a Dukie. Seth Jones talks about...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #3


This week, we look at some salary cap options on Bojan Bogdanovic, a draft sleeper who could be the first Russian player of the Prokhorov era, P.J.'s lament; our response to the latest calumny; the...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #2


We look at what's going on with the coaching search, post some draft notes, peer into the future of commuting from Manhattan and New Jersey to Brooklyn, examine how the Nets are aggressively...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #1


We said we wouldn't do this again. Made playoffs, Off-Season Report goes away. Very binary. But enough of you, that would be two of you, ask that we continue. So we'll give it a shot. No...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #23


we look at numbers from Friday re: the lack of congestion and unruly behavior; share what we hear about who's doing well; update roll-outs; congratulate Jake Appleman on his book contract to pen...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #22


From this moment on, there will be no shortage of drama. The arena opened on Friday. On Monday, night, the season ticket-holders will get their first view and if others want a peek inside, the...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #21


In our Off-Season Report this week, we take a look at the last free agency issues, check out some statement games, try our hand at a depth chart, etc.

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