Nets History

Nets playoff timeline in the 21st century

The 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets are the most expensive team in the history of the NBA. So, is it a little disappointing that they’ve finished as the sixth seed? Is the pressure still on them, despite...

"Greatest Sports Deal Ever" comes to an end

The NBA and the former owners of the ABA's Spirits of St. Louis have reached a deal that will, after 40 years, give the Nets and other former ABA teams parity with the other 26 teams on TV rights. The St. Louis owners will get half a billion dollars.

Pierce becomes 18th player to score 25,000 points

Paul Pierce became the 18th player in NBA history and only 4th active player to score 25,000 points for his career.

Morey: Lillard trade best move by a GM in 10 years

Daryl Morey took questions Tuesday from fans and was asked "what is best move made by a GM in the past 10 years?" The Rockets GM left no doubt ... The Blazers deal dumping Gerald Wallace for a pick that became Damian Lillard. A diss of Billy King?

Who is on your Nets' Mt. Rushmore?

With LeBron James recently coming out and saying that he deserves to be on the NBA Mt. Rushmore when it has all set and done, a discussion has sparked on who should receive that honor. More specifically who deserves that honor in Nets' history?

Walsh: Prokhorov pushed Dolan to pay big for Melo

Fred Kerber looks at the MeloDrama nearly three years later, talking to a number of the key players One of them, Donnie Walsh, then Knicks GM, admits for the first time that James Dolan didn't want Mikhail Prokhorov to win and so paid more for Melo.

When VC was "The Trade" - a look back at 2004

Toronto is trying to come to grips with its love/hate relationship with Vince Carter. In recent weeks, there have been discussions of what really went down in 2004 that led to "The Trade" of its era -- VC to NJ. Michael Grange writes about it all.

Did the Nets pass on a chance at Paul George?

This is probably not the best time to mention this ... and it is hindsight ... and it is water over the dam and under the bridge, but Bleacher Report does an extensive re-look at why so many teams, including the Nets, passed on Paul George.

Billy King and a history of "boldness"

Mike Sielski has been around Philly basketball for a while and with the Nets coming to the City of Brotherly Love Friday, he looks at Billy King's "bold moves" as GM in both Philadelphia and Brooklyn. it's a mixed record.

How a Nets owner helps turn kids around

Joe Taub has a lot public achievements, but the one closest to his heart may be the Doby-Taub Basketball League, an after-school program for the kids of Paterson, his hometown.


Trying To Get Out of a Bad Deal

Every year, the Nets, along with the other three surviving ABA teams, receive about $5 million less in TV revenue than their NBA counterparts, the result of a nearly 40-year-old deal that the league is once again trying to get out of.

Thorn on Coach Kidd: "He's going to do great"

C.J. McCollum is rehabbing from a broken foot and the Lehigh grad is working as a reporter for in the interim. He interviewed Rod Thorn, now President of Basketball Operations for the NBA. They talked about Coach Kidd's prospects.

Dr J sees Nets taking over New York, not Manhattan

After a false start in the early 1970's and a long history of Knicks dominance, at least in attendance, the Nets will be able to compete with their Manhattan brethren, but only in the outer boroughs, says Julius Erving. And that's fine.

Long Island new (old?) frontier for Nets

In 1974 and 1976, the New York Nets won ABA titles at Nassau Coliseum. Once the team moved to New Jersey, the banners went with them. Then, Saturday, they suddenly re-appeared near the four Stanley Cup banners won by the Islanders. What's going on?

Jason Kidd: One of a kind as player, now as coach?

Jason Kidd is officially apart of the Nets forever, not that his behind the back passes would ever be forgotten, and Reed Wallach looks back on the talent Jason Kidd had and why there will never be another player like him.


At Kidd's jersey retirement, it's all about team

Dexter Henry of NetsDaily video takes a look at the Jason Kidd jersey retirement ceremony Thursday night in Brooklyn and focuses on how Kidd talked about how he was taking his teammates and coaches on the ride up to the rafters, joining other greats.

Remembering why No. 5 hangs in the rafters

Net Income offers his thoughts on the retirement of No. 5. In the comments section, we ask you to take the opportunity to offer yours.

Excitement builds as Kidd's moment approaches

It's still a day away, but the anticipation is growing. Jason Kidd says he wants his number retired without much fanfare Thursday and doesn't plan to say much at the conclusion of the pre-game ceremony. But he can't control what others feel.

The game Kidd won't let King forget

It's long-forgotten history ... expect between the two protagonists, Jason Kidd and Mike Krzyzewski and a witness to history, Billy King.

Barry happy Nets didn't go with "recycled" coach

One of the things the Nets' ownership liked about Jason Kidd was that he is fresh face, not someone else's failure or an assistant who had never got the big job.Rick Barry, the Hall of Famer who played for the Nets, tells Stefan Bondy he likes that.

Two Nets make list of Top 10 Euros of All-Time

Hoopshype polled players at this year's Eurobasket, asking who are the top five Euros ever. The 38 players who responded put two players who've worn the Nets uniform in their top ten: Drazen Petrovic at No. 1 and Andrei Kirilenko at No. 10.

The Summer of 1976: How the Nets lost their future

Curtis Harris of Pro Hoops History does a remarkable job in laying out how the Nets went from the royalty of the ABA to the gutter in the NBA, blaming equal parts Knicks greed and Nets incompetence. A must-read for Nets fans with a sense of history.

The Net who got away: Hall of Famer Oscar Schmidt

The Nets of the mid-80's weren't a bad club, with the likes of Mike Gminski, Michael Ray Richardson, Buck Williams, Darryl Dawkins and Otis Birdsong. They outdrew the Knicks. Imagine if the Nets had one of the best players ever. It almost happened.

Rod Thorn, back in NBA front office ... with Kiki

Rod Thorn is back in New York, where he was with the Nets hired him, as president of basketball operations for the NBA, replacing Stu Jackson at age 72. His deputy? Kiki Vandeweghe. Dave D examines his legacy with the Nets and elsewhere.

Plumlee spill the beans ... or state the obvious?

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones probably made Mason Plumlee's rookie hazing all the more difficult Monday by retelling what the Big Dukie recounted about his decision to go with No. 1 as a jersey number, not that that wasn't enough to begin with.

Kittles: Nets "smarter" than his teams

The Brooklyn Nets of 2013-14 won't be the New Jersey Nets of 2001-02, says Kerry Kittles who played for the New Jersey team and is rooting for the Brooklyn version coached by his old teammate Jason Kidd. They'll be "smarter," he says.

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