Coverage of Brooklyn Nets marketing.

Nets say they're close to season ticket sellout


In a press release, the Nets say "full season tickets for the 2013-14 Nets campaign at Barclays Center are on the verge of selling out" following the acquisition of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett,...

Are Brooklyn Nets now more Nets than Brooklyn?


Sports marketing consultant Joe Favorito thinks he sees the brand transitioning from Brooklyn to the Nets and extending its reach both east into Long Island ... and west into Manhattan.

Expect Nets, Islanders push for Russian fans


Expect to see a lot more Russian marketing of the Nets ... and Islanders. The Nets already have an increasingly visible Russian language site and don't be surprised to see the Islanders do the same.

Is Jay-Z stock sale close?


The NBA disclosed Wednesday that as of this week, Jay-Z is now licensed to work as an NBA agent. But as Darren Rovell reports, "the hip-hop mogul had not sold his small ownership share (less than 1...


Jay-Z still repping Nets at Finals

In Jay-Z's first extended video since he agreed to sell his interest in the Nets, he repped Brooklyn by wearing his Mitchell and Ness leather cap. The video, shown at halftime of Game 5, was a...


Yormark: Nets will choose talent over marketing

In an interview with Russian Television that aired earlier this week, Brett Yormark spoke extensively about the Nets business plans including whether the team factors marketability into player...

Nets Draft "War Room" will be at Barclays


The Nets are moving their "war room" from the PNY Center to the team's basketball operations campus at Barclays Center for the NBA Draft on June 27. While David Stern and Adam Silver will be...


Nets pushing Coney Island store

Now that the Nets Shop at Coney Island has been open for two weeks, the team is pushing the idea beyond the casual beachgoers. It's encouraging fans to get on the subway and travel there to pick up...

Secrets of re-branding the Nets


Nets executive vice-president Fred Mangione tells SBJ about the process that took the Nets from New Jersey to Brooklyn, including previous iterations of the new logo, one of which has never been...

Nets to open shop in Coney Island


Hello Coney Island! Starting Thursday, Brooklyn Nets-themed bikinis ("BROO" on the left, "KLYN" on the right), beach balls, towels, flip-flops, visors, and other Nets gear will be available in the...

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