Coverage of Brooklyn Nets marketing.

"Nets" as brand secondary to "Brooklyn"


It should come as no surprise, but Fred Mangione, chief marketing officer of the Nets, says the team's name was always secondary to the team's location, that it was always about "Brooklyn," rather...

Your corporate logo on Barclays Center floor!


Darren Rovell reports Monday that the Nets are offering to sell space on the floor of Barclays Center to corporations who want to see logos on local television broadcasts.

MTA takes out ads promoting extra LIRR trains


The Nets have made no secret of their desire to attract more Long Islanders to Brooklyn, not just for NHL games in a couple of years, but for NBA games this season. The MTA, which runs the LIRR, is...

Yormark: Nets goal is to "own New York"


It started with Paul Pierce saying it was time for the Nets to "run New York." Now, Brett Yormark doesn't just want to "run" New York, but "own" it. No backing down from front office. Yormark...

Even with Prokhorov's billions, Nets push revenue


Although Mikhail Prokhorov is financing the Nets losses --reported to be $50 million a year-- Executive VP Jeff Gewirtz told Law in Sport' that a lot of what he and Brett Yormark do every day is...

Long Island new (old?) frontier for Nets


In 1974 and 1976, the New York Nets won ABA titles at Nassau Coliseum. Once the team moved to New Jersey, the banners went with them. Then, Saturday, they suddenly re-appeared near the four Stanley...

Yormark: "Nets on pace to sell out every game"


If, as expected, the Nets sell out vs. Miami, it will be their first preseason sellout ever. And Brett Yormark says, get used to it. "We're on pace to sell out practically every game this year."...

Custom can and mural designed for Deron Williams


You won't be able to avoid Deron Williams the next few weeks if you enter Barclays Center from the east. A new mural by graffiti artist Tristan Eaton fills the wall of the Bergen Tile building at...

Yormark talks possibility of Premier League tie-in


Nets CEO Brett Yormark told the BBC that the United Kingdom, like China and Russia, is on his to-do list, even raising the possibility of a connection with the English Premier League, soccer's top...

Nets heading toward paperless ticketing


Welcome to the Brooklyn Chant Card. Fans who bought full or partial season-ticket plans this season will receive a black team-branded credit card, called the Brooklyn Chant Card, in the mail,...

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