Coverage of Brooklyn Nets marketing.

"Barclays Effect," Knick losses hurt MSG stock


After a phenomenal run, MSG stock is dropping, with the quarterly earnings, as reported Wednesday, missing analysts projections by nearly one-third ... and down two-thirds from the same period last...

Nets using All-Star Weekend tie-in to sell tickets


Darren Rovell reports the Nets hope to cash in on their role as All-Star Weekend co-host by selling tickets to Saturday's Rising Stars Weekend --along with those for home games against teams with...


Yormark to China: We'll be competitive, global

In an interview with China Daily, Brett Yormark says the Nets brand, enhanced by the Brooklyn move, continues to grow in China and that the team will be younger, faster and competitive this season,...

Subway Stars logo released


The NBA has released the official logo of the 2015 All-Star game, to be held in New York next February 15. The logo features both the Nets black-and-white colors and the Knicks orange-and-blue.

Yormark names longtime No. 2 as Nets COO


With the Nets management team facing the new responsibilities of handling the Islanders move to Brooklyn and the rehab of Nassau Coliseum, Brett Yormark has named Fred Mangione, his longtime No. 2,...

What?! BrooklyKnight retired?! It's true!


Zach Lowe of Grantland reports that the Nets have decided to retire the oft-criticized Nets mascot, the Brooklyn Knight, officially BrooklyKnight. The Marvel-designed superhero never caught on and...

The Future of the Nets is Now


Three years in, do you even know how you would introduce the Nets to your parents?

How much are Nets worth? Try $2.5 Billion!


So that price for a team in the second biggest market has Nets owners and fans alike wondering, "how much are the Nets worth if the Clippers are worth $2 billion??" The Nets could, some suggest,...

Nets' practice facility part of NBA "arms race"


It's become the NBA's latest status symbol: an eight-figure practice facility with all the amenities a potential free agent could want. The Nets will soon unveil their plans for a practice facility...

The slow, steady rise of New York's Nets


As we wrote 10 days ago, a Times survey of basketball fans showed the Nets are No. 1 in only one county, Brooklyn, where the Nets now have a 22-to-21 percent advantage over the Knicks. There's...


Does Collins have another NBA role to play?


Jason Collins says he's uncertain if he'll return to the court next year, but admitted he wants to play a role in empowering people. Might the league enlist him in their marketing of the WNBA and...

On Coney Island, Nets selling gear, making headway


The Nets will be back in Coney Island this summer, their second by the sea, selling team gear near the world famous beach and hoops haven. Brooklyn has also made headway with fans, now a close...

Product on court helping Nets sell, sell, sell


"The average (Nets) fan will spend -- aside from tickets -- more money at Nets games this season than any other team," writes Darren Rovell in a financial assessment of the Nets two years in...

Nets gear finished #7 in 2013-14; D-Will #22


The NBA reports that sales of Nets gear placed seventh in the NBA in 2013-14. That's slight drop from their first season in Brooklyn when they finished fourth, but considerably higher than their...

No Knicks in playoffs an opportunity for Nets


It would probably take a long run for the Nets to gain the big headlines needed to break the Knicks brand in New York but Deron Williams thinks the Knicks loss(es) could be the Nets gain. "The...

"The most connected stadium in the world"


Tech Republic, the CBS magazine for IT professionals, reports this week on connected stadiums and arenas and calls Barclays Center "the most connected stadium in the world," with its Wi-Fi, apps...

Time to market the team as well as the borough?


Jake Appleman, fresh from his "Brooklyn Bounce" book tour, takes another look at the team whose first year in the borough he chronicled. It's a more interesting team and a more interesting story...

Nets to sell playoff tickets on April 8, 10:00 AM


The Brooklyn Nets will begin selling 2014 playoff tickets on April 8 at 10:00 AM.

Nets to have 'Social Media Night' Monday


Darren Rovel reports that the Nets are going to have "Social Media Night" Monday night against the Raptors. The team will have their Twitter handles on the back of their jerseys.

Collins jersey No. 1 in sales Tuesday


Don't be surprised when the NBA lists its best-selling jerseys that a uniform number yet to be worn is at or near the top of the list. Indeed by day's end, Collins' jersey was the No. 1 selling...

Nets going to China for 2014 preseason games


League sources report the Nets will play two preseason games vs.the Kings in China next October, part of Mikhail Prokhorov's global plan. The announcement may be made as early as Sunday, said one...

Marketing Deron Williams


In a feature on women in sports representation and management, Sports Business Journal discusses how Jaymee Messler, who works at Jeff Schwartz's Excel Management, took Deron Williams from an...

Russian Culture in Brooklyn, Nets gear in Russia


The Nets will offer an "Evening of Russian Cuture" Tuesday during the Magic game.Appropriately, it arrives with Moscow weather. It's part of the Nets increased presence in Russia and Russian...

Prokhorov's global vision gets London boost


The game was all about black-and-white. The Nets won easily and in the stands at the O2 Arena, it was all black-and-white, too. It was all encouraging for an ownership and management pushing a...

London trip part of the Nets global branding


Mikhail Prokhorov isn't just the first Russian owner of an NBA team. He is the first international owner and first European owner, too. As Brett Yormark says he's "one of the first to raise his...

Photo: Nets NBA Nickname Jerseys


SLAM Online released a photo for a few Brooklyn Nets nickname jerseys, including Deron Williams, Paul Pierce and Andrei Kirilenko.

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