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What would have happened if no Nets were injured?

Jeff Stotts of simulates an NBA season with no injuries. The results aren't as different as one may think.

Hip-Hop on the Hardwood: Jay-Z vs. Drake

A look at the matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors hip-hop ambassadors: Jay-Z and Drake.

For Billy King, the moment of truth

Billy King spent all Draft Day last June preparing for what's happening now. He traded for toughness and championship pedigree then picked Mason Plumlee once the Boston deal was complete. So far, so good but he knows this is what it's all about.


Video: Nets fans talk Playoff success

Brooklyn Nets fans talk about what it will take for the Nets to be successful in the NBA Playoffs.

Nets gear finished #7 in 2013-14; D-Will #22

The NBA reports that sales of Nets gear placed seventh in the NBA in 2013-14. That's slight drop from their first season in Brooklyn when they finished fourth, but considerably higher than their last year in New Jersey when they were 31st.

Numbers tell tale on Nets experience

While nothing is guaranteed in the playoffs, experience is the Nets biggest asset vs. the young and athletic Raptors. The Nets have played in 563 post-season games, started 511 of them. The Raptors, on the other hand, have played 157, started 39.


Video: Coach Nick breaks down Nets vs. Raptors

Coach Nick of BBALLBREAKDOWN takes a look at the keys to the Nets vs. Raptors first round playoff series.

Jason Kidd talks sushi, music, Vin Diesel and more

Jason Kidd sat down with Lenn Robbins to talk all things basketball, along with the movies, food and music he likes. Plus, about how he would want Vin Diesel to play him in a movie.

Andrei Kirilenko to open Russia's first Hooters

Andrei Kirilenko is opening Russia's first ever Hooters restaurant at the end of the month, and plans to open five more.

Prokhorov walking fine line in Ukraine crisis

Will we see the architect of the Nets revival in Brooklyn next week? Probably not. Best to avoid questions about Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, etc. It's all part of a balancing act Mikhail Prokhorov has to carry out. Like the playoffs, it's unpredictable.

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