Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

Joe Johnson isn't overpaid in Nets eyes


Joe Johnson signed the sixth highest contract in the NBA in 2010, and hasn't been able to rid himself of that "overpaid" title. However, after being the Nets best player for two straight seasons,...

Nets' practice facility part of NBA "arms race"


It's become the NBA's latest status symbol: an eight-figure practice facility with all the amenities a potential free agent could want. The Nets will soon unveil their plans for a practice facility...

The slow, steady rise of New York's Nets


As we wrote 10 days ago, a Times survey of basketball fans showed the Nets are No. 1 in only one county, Brooklyn, where the Nets now have a 22-to-21 percent advantage over the Knicks. There's...

NetsDaily Draft Talk #1


Even though they aren't "in" the draft, they're still "around: it. So, we can talk about the latest Nets' rumblings, how they're trying to get into it, who they like, and what their rivals are...

NetsDaily Analysis: A look at Superstar Trades


Kevin Love is the latest superstar to seek a trade. We look at a decade of such trades and find its cap space and young players, rather than picks that win the day for teams losing the star.

Clearing up confusion on draft picks


There seems to be some confusion out there about what picks the Nets have, what picks they've given up and what picks they must swap ... and under what circumstances. So we provide the details....

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 51


Well, they're out of the playoffs but that doesn't mean Nets news stops. With 138 days to the first preseason game and even longer till the games count, there's a lot of things happening, starting...

Is Joe "The Man" for the Nets?


As the Nets packed for home or vacation Thursday, there was a lot of talk about injuries and the future of this Net or that, but nothing about the guy who dominated the playoffs for Brooklyn, the...

Don't retire, Kevin Garnett


Kevin Garnett may have no more gas left in the tank, but Reed Wallach writes that he should give it one last go.

Looking for flexibility in the Nets future


Every year, we take a deep dive into the numbers that define the Nets' flexibility in the off-season. In the New Jersey days, there was plenty of flexibility, but no money. Now the opposite is...

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