Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

What happens to the Nets if Blatche leaves?


Andray Blatche played more minutes than any other Nets big man last season, but has already stated he will opt out of his contract. If Blatche does indeed walk, who will replace him in the frontcourt?

Bogdanovic play improves but status unchanged


Bojan Bogdanovic and his Fenerbahce team had big dreams this season, but they failed at reaching two out of three goals and now fighting for their third. We update his status on the court, but...

Best Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett quotes 2013-14


Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett joined the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2013, and along with their championship and future Hall of Fame pedigree came just enough cynicism and veteran-savvy handling...

"3 and D" players top hidden gems at camp


Of the 32 players the Nets are bringing in next week are 10 with NBA experience, four of them with 82 games or more. within the group of free agents with NBA experience and in the 22 who haven't...

Brooklyn Nets: Leaders on and off the court


Sometimes the lines and boundaries painted across and around the hardwood floor can serve as means of discipline and life lessons. Players across the league are praised or criticized based on what...

Joe Johnson isn't overpaid in Nets eyes


Joe Johnson signed the sixth highest contract in the NBA in 2010, and hasn't been able to rid himself of that "overpaid" title. However, after being the Nets best player for two straight seasons,...

Nets' practice facility part of NBA "arms race"


It's become the NBA's latest status symbol: an eight-figure practice facility with all the amenities a potential free agent could want. The Nets will soon unveil their plans for a practice facility...

The slow, steady rise of New York's Nets


As we wrote 10 days ago, a Times survey of basketball fans showed the Nets are No. 1 in only one county, Brooklyn, where the Nets now have a 22-to-21 percent advantage over the Knicks. There's...

NetsDaily Draft Talk #1


Even though they aren't "in" the draft, they're still "around: it. So, we can talk about the latest Nets' rumblings, how they're trying to get into it, who they like, and what their rivals are...

NetsDaily Analysis: A look at Superstar Trades


Kevin Love is the latest superstar to seek a trade. We look at a decade of such trades and find its cap space and young players, rather than picks that win the day for teams losing the star.

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