Prokhorov walking fine line in Ukraine crisis

Will we see the architect of the Nets revival in Brooklyn next week? Probably not. Best to avoid questions about Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, etc. It's all part of a balancing act Mikhail Prokhorov has to carry out. Like the playoffs, it's unpredictable.

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 50

We haven't done this in a while, but now, with the playoffs upon us followed by the Draft and free agency, we figured it was time. Not to mention that we've abandoned the roman numerals.

Mason Plumlee dunking up a storm

Mason Plumlee threw down six dunks Saturday, bringing his season total to 100 and putting him in 12th place on the CBS Dunk-o-Meter ... 40 more than the next best dunking rookie, Giannis Antetokounmpo. And they put him ahead of brother Miles!

No draft picks and no D-League team? What gives?

In their last game ever Saturday, the Springfield Armor beat the Delaware 87ers in Delaware. Adonis Thomas, one of at least three NBA prospects on the Armor roster, finished with 27 points, but the bigger story is just how will affect the Nets.

The Month in Review - March 2014

Brian (The Machine) Fleurantin continues his monthly reviews, this time, it's all about the March to the playoffs. A 12-4 record, bolstered by a perfect month at Barclays Center, got the Nets into the playoffs for the second time in two years.

In giving chances, Nets see positive returns

The Brooklyn Nets have given many second chances to players with different NBA paths, including Shaun Livingston, Andray Blatche and Jason Collins, among others. Each has been able to make the most of the chance given.

Nets are the Billion Dollar team

When the Nets sign Jorge Gutierrez for the rest of the year, their playoff roster will be complete. A veteran club, they could be called the billion dollar team. That's how much the roster will have earned in their careers by season's end! A first!

Babo breaks out of slump; Nets prospects uncertain

Bojan Bogdanovic may be out of a slump but Shaun Livingston's play is more like to affect the Nets decision on him. The Nets don't have enough flexibility to pay both players their market rate so something will have to give.

After monster March, what's next for Willie Reed?

Willie Reed is ranked the D-League's fifth best NBA prospect and it's no wonder, After Sunday's 20-point, 18-rebound explosion vs. Maine, he's averaging 19.8 points, 15.6 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in March. So what's next for the 23-year-old forward?

D-Day approaching for D-League decision

The Nets' hybrid agreement with the Springfield Armor expires soon. Will the Nets, like the Knicks, set up their own team nearer the city? Will they stay in Springfield? Apparently, everything is on the table.


How the Nets learned to play without Kevin Garnett

Jason Kidd and the Brooklyn Nets have figured out how to do the impossible. For years, the Boston Celtics suffered defensively whenever Kevin Garnett was on the bench, and that was also the case...

NetsDaily Book Club: 'Brooklyn Bounce'

NetsDaily reviews Jake Appleman's book "Brooklyn Bounce," which chronicled the Nets' first season in Brooklyn.

Nets had "informal" relationship with Jackson

When Phil Jackson opted to take the Knicks job, it had two consequences for the Nets: It meant one of the most respected men in NBA history was joining their archrivals and it ended a two-year long informal relationship between him and Nets ownership

The Month in Review - February 2014

Brian Fleurantin continues his monthly updates, today looking at how the Nets did in February. After a highly successful January, the Nets found themselves on the road a good part of February. How'd they do? Well, it was the best month for defense.

Ranking the Euro-Stash -- from a European capital

Savas Birdal runs Euro-Step, a Euroleague blog. He's also written for NetsDailyIn his latest edition of Euro-Step, he ranks the Euro-Stash, those players already drafted by NBA teams and developing overseas. He puts a Bull at No. 1, a Net at No. 2.

Nets lose by 44, then win by 23; What happened?

The Nets' 67-point turnaround in successive days is the third largest turnaround from win to loss in NBA history. The reason they came back like they did against the Nuggets was due to great ball movement, aggression, and rebounding.

MIT Sports Analytics Conference: Nerd Out With Us

Romy Nehme of NetsDaily will be attending this years MIT Sports Analytics Conference, in which she hopes to embark on a journey of epic nerd-like proportions. In this she asks you, readers, what you want to learn or get out of the conference.

Film Study: How Jason Collins looked in his debut

Jason Collins doesn't have the highest of expectations from the Nets, but the Nets are asking him for a few things. Reed Wallach breaks down how successful Collins was in the tasks the Nets have asked of him.

A story of Andrei Kirilenko and tolerance

More than a decade ago, when a then 22-year-old Andrei Kirilenko was playing in Utah, an instant message of his so touched a closeted gay teammate that it brought tears to his eyes. John Amaechi wrote of the moment in his book, "Man in the Middle."

For Prokhorov, a decision in line with thinking

If we will hear from Mikhail Prokhorov Sunday on the signing of Jason Collins to a 10-day contract. He's likely to note that it's a basketball decision ... if he comments at all. But publicly, in Russia he has opposed Putin's anti-gay policies.

Why Jason Collins' Signing Isn't About Marketing

Jason Collins' signing by the Brooklyn Nets is not about marketing, believes one man. Here's his argument as to why this is a basketball, not marketing decision.

What Glen Davis brings to the table

Brian Fleuratin takes a look at Big Baby Davis' potential to help the Nets, his strengths and weaknesses and his recent spate of injuries. Bottom line, he can help the Nets but if the Clippers look like a better fit.

Getting younger pushed Nets to do Kings deal

The Nets decision to move from Jarrett Jack to Marcus Thornton Wednesday was motivated by several factors, including avoiding the dreaded repeater tax in 2015-16, but getting younger was as big a factor as any. This wasn't just a trade for 2013-14.

E-Mailing with the Enemy: Utah Jazz

Dennis Velasco of NetsDaily previews tonight's Nets-Jazz game with Amar of SLC Dunk.

Analysis: Would Prokhorov pay for Jack, Hill?

Maybe. The combined cost of acquiring Jarrett Jack and Jordan Hill could approach $20 million in salary and luxury tax. Does it matter? Hard to tell, but there are other less immediate financial implications that would factor into the decision.

Consolidation marks Nets agent lists

We don't know if it's an NBA-wide trend but the Nets 14 players --plus Bojan Bogdanovic-- are now represented by only five agencies, with four Nets each being clients of Jeff Schwartz and Andy Miller. Three plus Bogdanovic are repped by Arn Tellem.

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