Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

What to watch for at the Worlds


What should Nets fans be looking for? We compiled a basic viewing guide, with some key questions and viewing information. Bring on the Worlds! It's basketball in August and September.

Did Minnesota play it smart in Love trade?


In light of the Kevin Love trade Saturday, we've updated our analysis of superstar trades over the past decade. Minnesota did what a lot of smart small market teams did, go for good young players,...

Why Mason Plumlee made Team USA


Reed Wallach takes a look at how Mason Plumlee did against Spain's Big Three --the Gasol brothers and Sergei Ibaka-- last season and thinks he's found some answers to why the Nets center made Team...

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 55


It's now crunchtime in international basketball. With five Nets playing in FIBA competition --three in the World Cup, two in FIBA Europe's qualifying tournament-- and one assistant coaching in the...

Nets frontcourt a growing strength for Hollins


Lionel Hollins knows how to run a bruising offense. He got the most out of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Now he has the makings of another power frontcourt in Brooklyn. It's been all good news this...

Mirza on Bojan: "We can be a good tandem in NBA."


In an interview with Haber.ba, a Bosnian website, Mirza Teletovic predicts that Bojan Bogdanovic will have a tough transition to the NBA, but that with his help, Teletovic believes the two Mostar...

Where will the Nets be 12 months from now?


As part of the SB Nation #ThemeDay, we were asked to answer the question: Where will the Nets be 12 months from now? So, we decided to ask you!

Nets to begin in Boston, play OKC in home opener


League sources tell NetsDaily that the Nets will open the 2014-15 season vs. the Celtics in Boston on October 29, then after a second road game, reportedly vs. the Wizards, will return to Brooklyn...

Nets having success in luring Brooklyn's Russians


With two top Russian players joining Russian ownership, the Nets seem to be making progress is getting Brooklyn's Russians on board and in the stands. We looked at some (imprecise) data and can see...

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 54


With five Nets in FIBA competition, three of them on Sunday, Brooklyn's reps will be playing almost every day between now and the end of the FIBA World Cup. We have those dates and others in our...


Film Study: Can Hollins use Lopez like Gasol?


Lionel Hollins used a very interesting offense in Memphis, placing big man Marc Gasol on the high post. With a fine jump shot, can Brook Lopez play a role similar to what Gasol played?

Plumlee works the crowds as well as the baseline


One Nets executive summarizes Mason Plumlee's summer this way: "Mason is working hard and wants to be great." That work ethic applies to Team USA as well as his community activities. He did two...

Plumlee one of the most efficient on O last season


In a study on Hardwood Paroxysm, Mason Plumlee was one of 12 players last season to play at least 1000 minutes and have an offensive rating of at least 120.

USA: Mason Plumlee over DeMarcus Cousins? Sure!


Should Mason Plumlee make the Team USA roster over DeMarcus Cousins? Sure, why not? Right?

Lopez, in Moscow, heading east into Siberia


Our man in Siberia, Alexander Chernykh, reports that Brook Lopez is in Moscow, along with his brother Robin, and both will soon move on to Perm, deeper into Russia, to re-launch a basketball...

Is Jack the 'Ideal Fit' to Backup Deron Williams?


With nothing certain in terms of injuries and consistency, the Nets needed to make a bold selection for Deron Williams' backup this upcoming season. We discuss why Jarrett Jack's versatility and...

Film Study: Where we see Jarrett Jack?


Jarrett Jack is capable of playing both point and shooting guard, but where will he fit best? We break down some film to find out.

Five Nets working out with national teams


With Mason Plumlee now part of Team USA's preliminary 19-man roster --at least for now, there are five Nets working with national teams in preparation for either the FIBA WOrld Cup or FIBA Europe...

What happened? A look back from overseas


Reed Wallach was in Spain for the free agency frenzy and the changes the Nets made. One month later, Reed gives his thoughts.

Q&A With Ismail Senol on Bojan Bogdanovic


Ismail Senol is a Turkish sportscaster for NTV SPOR, who has firsthand experience in covering Bojan Bogdanovic and his playing days for Fenerbahçe Ülker. In this feature, we asked him to do a Q&A,...

A different way of looking at the Nets Off-Season


Mike Mazzeo breaks down the Nets off-season as if it was a big trade We refine it further and ask fans was it all worth if or not... Your call.

One year later, less dollars makes more sense


On the first anniversary of a very happy press conference, a fan tries to take a balanced view of the big Boston trade. The Nets cannot afford to buy their way out.

An early look at the 2014-2015 Nets Depth Chart


There are many versatile players on the Nets roster this coming season, so we take a crack at which lineup can work the best.

A look back at last year's trade with Boston


In Brooklyn, they're lamenting last year's trade with the Boston Celtics, with the word "mistake" being uttered privately if not publicly. But on the eve of the big press conference in Brooklyn,...

Big Shot Bojan


When the game is the line, Bojan Bogdanovic is often the man of the hour. Like Joe Johnson, his teams have come to rely on him for the big shot or the big play. We take a look at some of his more...

From Jersey to Brooklyn... The Best of it all


The Nets have made plenty of mistakes since moving to Brooklyn, but there's no way the bad will overshadow the good in the Brooklyn situation. We take a deep look into what Mikhail Prokhorov and...

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