Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

BUZZKILL: Nets might find to tough to be tough


Toughness and physicality is a huge question mark for the Brooklyn Nets this upcoming season. Lionel Hollins wants more of it, but knows his team needs a lot of work to achieve the toughness and...

'Youth Movement' Report Card, Post-China Edition


You can call it a "youth movement." The Nets don't but they certainly have gotten younger since the end of last season when Brooklyn was the second oldest team in the NBA, Now, they're tenth. How...

Around the East, Part IV: Detroit Pistons


In the latest segment of Brian Fleurantin's "Around the East," he looks at the Detroit Pistons, who the Nets will face, on the road, in their second game of the season, the night of November 1....

Brooklyn Nets 2014-2015 Statistical Projections


With the season upon us, several writers of NetsDaily have decided to give the readers a statistical outlook of the season. Myself, Anthony Puccio, Larry Fleisher and Daniel LoGiudice all came up...

2014-2015 SB Nation NBA Preview: Brooklyn Nets


There have been a lot of changes in Brooklyn. We take a look at those changes and what this season holds for the new look Nets.

Did Jerome Jordan win a roster spot in Shanghai?


Jerome Jordan had himself what could be a money-making game Sunday in Shanghai. The 7-footer scored seven points, seven rounds, three of them offensive, and blocked a shot in only 15 minutes. Is it...

Under the Microscope, Part III: Miami Heat


In addition to our team previews, we want to include the perspectives of those who cover the team on a consistent basis in our coverage. So we talk to Hot Hot Hoops

Around the East, Part III : Miami Heat


Another day, another preview. This time, we're taking a trip down to South Beach and read up on the Miami Heat, whose off-season, shall we say, was disappointing.

BUZZKILL: Can the Nets improve their rebounding?


Despite the optimism, the Nets have glaring needs. We start our Buzzkill series in the rebounding department. It's everyone's big concern, starting with Billy King and Lionel Hollins. Can they...

How fast can the Nets play this season?


Lionel Hollins was clear during his introductory press conference in early July that he wanted to play faster than the Jason Kidd-led Nets did in 2013. But can he? Some numbers with your morning...


The questions as Nets enter third season in Brooklyn


Here are just some of the questions that still start getting answered Tuesday night as the Nets open their preseason schedule vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv. There no doubt will be more questions when the...

Pass The Mic: New NetsDaily reader video feature


Dennis Velasco will be bringing you Pass The Mic, his new reader-generated video feature where you, the readers, get to tell us what you think...in video form!

The NBA's new TV Deal: What's it mean?


It changes everything. From player salaries to team valuations to the 2017 labor talks. With $2.7 million, on average, going into NBA coffers, that means each team will wind up with $89 million...

Around the East, Part II: Milwaukee Bucks


Next up in Brian Fleurantin's look at the East is the Milwaukee Bucks, deep in a rebuilding program led by two 19-year-olds, Giannis Antetokoumnpo and Jabari Parker as well as a brand new coach...

Under the Microscope, Part II: Milwaukee Bucks


In addition to our team previews, we wanted to include the perspectives of those who cover the team on a consistent basis. In Brian Fleurantin's "Under the Microscope" series on the East, he gets...

When a jersey may be more than a jersey


There was a flurry of activity Friday when what looks like part of new alternative Nets jersey appeared on EBay. It looked authentic and looked like the last uniform the New York Nets wore on Long...

Under the Microscope, Part I: Cleveland Cavaliers


Brian Fleurantin, as part of his preseason effort, got in touch with Fear the Sword, the SB Nation blog for the Cavaliers (which has been positively giddy this summer). Here's their conversation.

Q. and A. on Nets and Dodgers combination


Today's NetsDaily exclusive on the Nets and Dodgers owners looking at a "combination of assets" raises a lot of questions. The report, based on conversations with multiple sources, is the just the...



The ownership of the Nets is in "ongoing discussions" with Guggenheim Sports and Entertainment, owners of the Dodgers, on a "combination of assets." Mikhail Prokhorov would retain control of the Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets and the "Mostar Connection"


The Brooklyn Nets have two current players who hail from Mostar, Bojan Bogdanovic and Mirza Teletovic. They have also had Zoran Planinic on the team, from Mostar, who all idolized the late-Drazen...

Around the East, Part I: Cleveland Cavaliers


We're taking a trip around the Eastern Conference and focusing on some of the more interesting teams Brooklyn will face this season. Here's our first preview of the remade Cleveland Cavaliers, not...

The Hollins - Westphal Connection


It's a bit different from last year's coaching tandem. When Jason Kidd was hired, he wanted Lawrence Frank as his lead assistant. Frank was high profile, Kidd was high maintenance. Now, Paul...

Nets embrace their ability to shoot ... from deep


Every team needs shooters. It's an essential tool to a team's success. We know that already though. But the Nets may have begun to realize that they have shooters littered all over their roster...

Tom and Bob give it up on the Nets prospects


Tom Lorenzo and Bob Windrem, aka Net Income, spoke with NetsDailyVideo's Dexter Henry at Nets Media Day on Friday, giving it up on what they think about the Nets prospects. Tom talks Lionel Hollins...

How much can Karasev contribute?


With training camp rapidly approaching, optimism is at a premium throughout the NBA. Brook Lopez is no exception, and he likes what he sees from second-year small forward Sergey Karasev. "I think...

Who gets the final two spots?


The Nets are bringing 17 bodies to training camp in East Rutherford starting Saturday, but the league rules allow teams to only bring 15 with them throughout the season. That means we have a bit of...

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