Coverage of Nets players and draft picks playing abroad.

Bogdanovic becoming less of a go-to guy for Fener


It's starting to sound all too familiar: Bojan Bogdanovic, who was Fenerbahce's go-to guy for most of the season, once again played a lesser role in the Istanbul club's offense Sunday, scoring only...

Bogdanovic, Fener mired in mediocrity


Fenerbahce had a chance at rescuing its Euroleague season Wednesday but was blown out in Barcelona. A big problem: Bojan Bogdanovic. Since the league turned from regular season to the Round of 16,...

Ranking the Euro-Stash -- from a European capital


Savas Birdal runs Euro-Step, a Euroleague blog. He's also written for NetsDailyIn his latest edition of Euro-Step, he ranks the Euro-Stash, those players already drafted by NBA teams and developing...

Bogdanovic with new agent, slump over, leads Fener


The Nets retained the rights to Bojan Bogdanovic at the trade deadline and he may have signaled real interest in the NBA by hiring a top agent. For him, most importantly, his recent slump appears...

Bogdanovic breaks out of slump


For the first time in more than a month, in two leagues and one national cup competition, Bojan Bogdanovic hit two three-pointers in a game. The Nets draft pick was 2-of-4 from three after hitting...

Bogdanovic fourth in European Player of the Year


In a vote of fans and experts, Bojan Bogdanovic finished fourth in FIBA Europe's Player of the Year voting, ahead of Goran Dragic of Slovenia and behind only Tony Parker of France, Vassillis...

Babo breaks out of slump to lead Fener


Well, he still can't hit a three, but Bojan Bogdanovic, subject of trade rumors in the US, led his Fenerbahce team to a big win in Europe Thursday. Backs against the wall, Fener won. Bogdanovic...


Bogdanovic talks his game in video

Bojan Bogdanovic is the subject of Euroleague's daily video feature, "Focus". In it, he talks about how he got into basketball (switching from soccer at age 14), where he needs improvement...

Bogdanovic still mired in slump, scores 11


Bogdanovic's Fenerbahce won handily in the Turkish League against Istanbul rival Efes Anadolu, but for the Nets' pick, it was another mediocre performance. With Shaun Livingston playing well, might...

Bogdanovic, Blatche most likely to play in FIBA


The FIBA World Cup draw will take place Monday. The 24 teams selected will know who their opponents will be in the first ound of the world championships in Spain in August and September. As of now,...

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