2013 NBA Draft

stories about the NBA Draft

The NetsDaily Interview: Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd talked about player development, the role of Gerald Wallace, the goals in both the draft and free agency, and how he wants to win a championship --this year. in an interview Wednesday...

Deadlines and Commitments - LXXXI


With the hiring of Jason Kidd as coach, new dates get put on our calendar and others take on more significance. Kidd will be at PNY Center again Wednesday and Thursday for more Draft workouts, his...

King wants athletes, shooters, back-up PG


Billy King spent a lot of time in front of microphones the last two days and now as the quotes get posted here and there, a picture of what the Nets objectives this off-season have begun to emerge....

Kidd coaching debut set for Orlando


Head coaches usually coach summer league. Sometimes, they'll sit on the sidelines and watch an assistant try to make sense out of roster thrown together for the week. But Jason Kidd's head coaching...

Nets to Host Tony Mitchell, C.J. Leslie and Others


Nets will host their third NBA Draft workout on Monday, with six players coming in to workout. Included in this list will be Tony Mitchell and C.J. Leslie. The Nets will be picking 22nd overall in...

Danny Green clone?? Nets like Reggie Bullock


So it's no surprise that teams are looking for Danny Green clones. The Nets worked out one of the latest models Wednesday, watching Reggie Bullock, similar sized and also from North Carolina....

Nets like Withey as Lopez back-up


If Jeff Withey gets picked by the Nets on June 27, the Kansas seven-footer will need no introduction to the man he will be backing up, Brook Lopez. They two played together in AAU ball and he...

Nets Announce Pre-Draft Workouts


The Brooklyn Nets have announced their pre-draft workouts, which will take place over the next two days -- Tuesday (June 11) and Wednesday (June 12). Players include Jeff Withey, Allen Crabbe and...

Deadlines and Commitments - LXXX


We don't have the date for the announcement of a new head coach. Nor do we list the schedules for each of the Euro-Nets games in the FIBA Eurobasket. Otherwise, we try to be complete, adding...

Draft: Expect bigs to go early and a lot of trades


Ben Couch spoke with Ryan Blake, the NBA scouting director, this week. Here are some of his thoughts on the 2013 Draft, which begins at 7 p.m., June 27, at Barclays Center.

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