Posts regarding the Nets' move to Brooklyn.

At Barclays Center, Little Left To Do


The latest progress report puts Barclays Center at almost 80% complete, but with 24/7 construction underway for nearly a month, that estimate is changing rapidly. The "substantial completion date"...

Welcome Knick Fans!


Knick fans, those who have finally gotten fed up with the ironically named J.D. and the Straight Shot should understand they are welcome in Brooklyn. And reading through comments on Knick fans,...

Kareem: Brooklyn Will Be Special


Abdul-Jabbar looks at the possibilities for Howard and notes the Nets' thus far futile efforts at getting him. Stiil, the six time champion believes Brooklyn will be just fine. He describes Deron...

A Different Take On A Busy Summer


Matt Moore, who writes for NBC Sports, and "Carles", who writes for Grantland and "authentic content farm Hipster Runoff" have a go at the Nets free agency strategy. Both think that the Nets don't...

Today's Quote of the Day: "I Will Turn Knick Fans Into Nets Fans"


Oh, those famous words, spoken by a famous NBA owner ... Mikhail Prokhorov ... or was it James Dolan? Seems like J.D. is doing Mikhail's job lately. He may or may not match the Rockets offer to...

Chandler: Nets' Big Talk "Foolish"


Tyson Chandler, like his Knick (and Team USA teammate) Carmelo Anthony responded to Friday's comments by Joe Johnson that the Nets are now the superior team in the city.

Arena Elements Come Together


The lettering for Barclays Center is ready to be installed. The "halo" around the front of the arena is nearly done and the canopy and oculus at the entrance plaza are taking shape. The Transit...

Sports Guy Advice For Knick Fans: It's Time to Say, "Hello Brooklyn"


It's not a 12-step process but Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, is offering Knick fans a way out of their addiction to orange-and-blue. Their world is indeed collapsing around them: Jeremy Lin and...

The Battle of New York: It's On!


Joe Johnson apparently ignited something in Carmelo Anthony Friday when he said the Nets are "definitely" the best team in New York because Melo has responded.

After The Party, Nets Ponder Needs


One thing was obvious at the end of yesterday's festivities in Brooklyn. These are the Brooklyn Nets, a new team with new ambitions. There have been other events in the Borough: Last September's...

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