Oculus, Ice Rink Tested at Barclays

The construction schedule for Barclays Center always had the oculus, the opening to the sky above the entrance plaza, and the ice rink among the last items on the contractors list. And this weekend, both were up and running.

Walsh: Nets-Knicks Is Legit Rivalry

Donnie Walsh is back in Indiana, his revamp of the Knicks the basis of all their hopes. But the veteran GM thinks the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets is legit.

Beck: Knicks Feeling Nets' Heat

Howard Beck uses the occasion of the Knicks' reveal of their "new" uniforms to question whether "New York’s original NBA team" is feeling the hot breath of Mikhail Prokhorov.

Barclays Center Scoreboard Up!

Barclays Center Scoreboard Up!

Stern: Nets To Make Big Profit

David Stern, speaking at the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit hosted by Bloomberg Link Thursday, said the Nets’ revenue should improve from “pretty bad” during their last season in Newark to one of the league’s "top five or six."

Ho-Hum, It's Another Times Piece

Now for something completely different .. or not: a New York Times Sunday Magazine feature on Jay-Z which is mainly about the man, his music, and some fashion but there's an indelible overlay of the Nets. The title is "The House that Hova Built."

Arena Completion Delayed a Week, Won't Affect Opening Plans, Nets

As reported by Altantic Yards Report, "substanial completion" of Barclays Center, marked by the issuance of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, has been delayed "probably a week".

Barclays Ribbon-Cutting Sept. 21

The CEO of Forest City Enterprises, which has footed the bill for most of the Nets losses the last decade, said Wednesday that the formal ribbon-cutting ceremony for Barclays Center will take place September 21, a week before Jay-Z opens the arena wi

Smith: Avery Strikes Right Tone

Veteran NBA writer Sekou Smith may or may not follow this site but he seems to have taken a side on whether Avery Johnson was right to say the Nets are not (yet) championship caliber. In a column Wednesday he commends Johnson.

Late Night Mentions For The Nets

The Nets got some mention on two late night shows Tuesday, one better than the other.

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