Posts regarding the Nets' move to Brooklyn.

NBA Draft will return to Brooklyn in June


For the fourth straight year, the NBA Draft will be held at the home of the Nets. The league announced Friday that the 2014 draft, one of the most anticipated in years, will be held at Barclays...

Nets TV ratings drop 20 percent, Knicks even worse


Sports Business Journal reports the Nets and Knicks both lost big chunks of the local TV audience this season, part of a trend that also saw drops in Los Angeles and Chicago. The Nets ratings...

And in the middle of it all, Drake disses Jay-Z


Drake, the Raptors' rapper, is an adviser to his hometown team. Saturday, he sat beside the Raptors' TV team and took a dig at Jay-Z, suggesting that he remains a man of the people while Jay-Z "is...

Arena tower construction hits snag


The Times reports that the breakthrough modular technology being planned for three towers around Barclays Center has achieved neither the savings in time or money Forest City Ratner had anticipated...

"The most connected stadium in the world"


Tech Republic, the CBS magazine for IT professionals, reports this week on connected stadiums and arenas and calls Barclays Center "the most connected stadium in the world," with its Wi-Fi, apps...

Optimistic writer wants Nets parade in Brooklyn


Denis Hamill admits, "We’re jumping way out in front of ourselves here," but he's claiming some Brooklyn turf just in case the Nets bring home the Lawrence O'Brien Trophy. "Forget the Canyon of...

Nets going green ... atop Barclays Center roof


SHoP, the Barclays Center architect, has released a new image of the arena, with a green roof, surrounded by the planned three apartment towers at the eastern edge of the building site.

Time to market the team as well as the borough?


Jake Appleman, fresh from his "Brooklyn Bounce" book tour, takes another look at the team whose first year in the borough he chronicled. It's a more interesting team and a more interesting story...

Report: Maccabi Tel Aviv to play Nets in preseason


Sport5, an Israeli sports site, is reporting that Maccabi Tel Aviv, one of Europe's perennial basketball powers, will play a preseason game vs. the Nets on October 7, one of two games Maccabi will...

Islanders plan big push to woo Brooklyn fans


More than a year and a half from opening night at Barclays Center, the Islanders have hired a consulting firm to woo fans from the borough and keep their fans in Nassau and Suffolk counties, Sports...

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