Posts regarding the Nets' move to Brooklyn.

Nets welcome Bogdanovic to Brooklyn


Bojan Bogdanovic is getting the red carpet treatment from the Nets. On Friday, Billy King gave him a guided tour or Brooklyn, including Barclays Center and the site of the HSS Center. On Monday,...

Demolition begins in earnest at HSS Center


Demolition has begun on the top floor of 148 39th Street in Brooklyn's Industry City, the first step in the transformation of the space into the Nets training facility, to be known as the Hospital...

AK-47: "We intend to seriously compete for title"


In an interview with SovSport, the Russian sports tabloid, Andrei Kirilenko said everyone remains focused on an NBA title for Brooklyn, is happy for Sergey Karasev who he expects will get playing...

AK-47: Hollins a "great choice by management"


In an interview that apparently took place before Sergey Karasev joined the Nets, Andrei Kirilenko talks about why he came back (New York, New York), the Jason Kidd experiment (" it was very hard")...

Subway Stars logo released


The NBA has released the official logo of the 2015 All-Star game, to be held in New York next February 15. The logo features both the Nets black-and-white colors and the Knicks orange-and-blue.

Yormark names longtime No. 2 as Nets COO


With the Nets management team facing the new responsibilities of handling the Islanders move to Brooklyn and the rehab of Nassau Coliseum, Brett Yormark has named Fred Mangione, his longtime No. 2,...

What?! BrooklyKnight retired?! It's true!


Zach Lowe of Grantland reports that the Nets have decided to retire the oft-criticized Nets mascot, the Brooklyn Knight, officially BrooklyKnight. The Marvel-designed superhero never caught on and...

The Mess in Brooklyn ... Losses all around


Probably the most concise line in Zach Lowe's comprehensive story about the situation in Brooklyn is the last one. "There are lots of messes to clean up," Lowe writes. "No one is coming out of this...

A Look Inside Nets Draft War Room


Lenn Robbins, the Nets in-house beat writer, was inside the Nets draft war room Thursday and he writes about he saw, including the key discussion, when the Nets bought the rights to the 44th pick...

Ratner agrees to accelerate affordable housing


The Times reports that Bruce Ratner will sign a formal agreement to accelerate the construction of 2,250 affordable apartments by 2025, 10 years ahead of the current schedule. The agreement will be...


Barclays to be surrounded by cranes ... for years


With emerging plans for a green roof on the arena and three apartment buildings at its eastern edge, Barclays Center is likely to be a construction site for years surrounded by cranes through next...

Barclays to host 2016 DNC?


Mayor Bill de Blasio is vying to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention at the Barclays Center.

Bring Lance home? BuzzKillDaily here


The @LanceToBrooklyn campaign picked up steam Tuesday night, but for a number of reasons, it's far-fetched. It'd take a dramatic drop in his value across the NBA, a decision by the Nets to forego...

How much are Nets worth? Try $2.5 Billion!


So that price for a team in the second biggest market has Nets owners and fans alike wondering, "how much are the Nets worth if the Clippers are worth $2 billion??" The Nets could, some suggest,...


Reddit founder, Nets fan, trashes Knicks on CNBC

Alexis Ohanian founded Reddit. He's a crusader for Net Neutrality, and it turns out, the Nets, too. Ohanian, who would love to own a (small) piece of his native Brooklyn's team, never misses an...

The slow, steady rise of New York's Nets


As we wrote 10 days ago, a Times survey of basketball fans showed the Nets are No. 1 in only one county, Brooklyn, where the Nets now have a 22-to-21 percent advantage over the Knicks. There's...

On Coney Island, Nets selling gear, making headway


The Nets will be back in Coney Island this summer, their second by the sea, selling team gear near the world famous beach and hoops haven. Brooklyn has also made headway with fans, now a close...

Product on court helping Nets sell, sell, sell


"The average (Nets) fan will spend -- aside from tickets -- more money at Nets games this season than any other team," writes Darren Rovell in a financial assessment of the Nets two years in...

LeBron's big game "coming-out party" for Barclays?


"Is it always like this here?" That, Adam Silver told Harvey Araton, was the question two people asked him about Barclays Center after they had accompanied him to the Nets-Heat game Monday. The...

Where are Nets most popular? Park Slope, Canarsie


Based on a survey of Facebook likes, the Times has put together an interactive map of the US showing where each NBA team is most popular. The Nets outshine the Knicks in only eight Brooklyn...

Bucks owner will divest Nets stock


New York investor Marc Lasry, who agreed to pay $550 million for the Bucks nad become principal owner of the team, will be divesting his long-time financial interest in the Nets. The NBA doesn't...

Celebrity Watch: Lot of big names at Barclays


There were regulars like Jay-Z, Beyonce' and Michael K. Williams; new regulars like Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde; sports stars like Floyd Mayweather and Ilya Kovalchuk; THE Denzel Washington;...

Why do they show up late? Blame the subway (sorta)


Ever wonder why Barclays Center often looks empty a half hour of so before the game, then quickly fills up? Everyone in the NBA apparently does! In Toronto, they viewed it as a close to a crime...

SBJ: Ratner puts billion dollar value on Nets


The investment banker hired by Bruce Ratner to sell his partnership's 20 percent stake in the Nets believes the team alone, not counting the group's interest in the arena, is worth $1 billion and...

Ratner parent company confirms plan to sell


Forest City Enterprises, Bruce Ratner's parent group, confirmed Thursday that it has retained an investment adviser to sell the 20 percent of the Nets Mikhail Prokhorov doesn't own, hopefully by...


Hey, Macarena! And Ines, too!

Dennis Lin, aka Furnace, has been on NetsDaily since it began. He and Net Income have shared season tickets for eight years. On Friday, he hooked up withMacarena and Ines, two fans from Uruguay,...

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