Barclays Hockey

Coverage of plans to bring the Islanders to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nets Islanders


They will still be the New York, not Brooklyn, Islanders when the move to Barclays Center, but have no doubt, this move is significant. Among other things, it means a new source of revenue for Nets...

Islanders to Join Nets at Barclays


The Nets and Islanders who shared Nassau Coliseum and an owner in the 1970's will again share an arena, starting in 2015-16. Bruce Ratner and Charles Wang, the Islanders owner, announced the deal...

Architecture critic: A frog has landed in Brooklyn


Architecture critics were either going to love or hate Barclays Center. It's called the shock of the new and if anything, the Nets arena is "new." The latest review compares it to a frog but...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #22

From this moment on, there will be no shortage of drama. The arena opened on Friday. On Monday, night, the season ticket-holders will get their first view and if others want a peek inside, the...

Islanders Inch Closer to Brooklyn

When Charles Wang toured Barclays Center last week, it wasn't just a courtesy call. With the ice floor down, the Islanders owner was getting a look at what could await him if he decides to move his...

Oculus, Ice Rink Tested at Barclays

The construction schedule for Barclays Center always had the oculus, the opening to the sky above the entrance plaza, and the ice rink among the last items on the contractors list. And this...

Isles Game at Barclays Half-Sold Out

Without any real promotion, and despite the strong possibility the game will be canceled because of labor trouble, Barclays Center has sold 7,000 tickets or half the arena capacity for the...

Nets Now Unabashed About Isles Joining Them at Barclays Center


In the past, Bruce Ratner has been circumspect about whether he and the rest of ownership want the Islanders to join the Nets at Barclays Center. Not anymore.

Are Barclays and Isles Near Deal?


B.D. Gallof who covers hockey for WFAN tweets Friday that the Islanders will either move to Brooklyn or somewhere far beyond the New York area.

Yormark: Isles 50-50 Bet at Barclays


Chris Botta, NHL writer for Sports Business Journal and once an Isles exec, reports that Brett Yormark is telling prospective sponsors that there is "better than 50%" chance that the Isles will...

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