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Islanders plan big push to woo Brooklyn fans

More than a year and a half from opening night at Barclays Center, the Islanders have hired a consulting firm to woo fans from the borough and keep their fans in Nassau and Suffolk counties, Sports Business Journal reports.

No early arrival for Islanders at Barclays

The Islanders will play another season at Nassau Coliseum. Although Barclays Center officials thought they might be able to accelerate the Isles moves, it didn't work out, Newsday is reporting. The NHL club will now arrive, as planned, in 2016.

MTA takes out ads promoting extra LIRR trains

The Nets have made no secret of their desire to attract more Long Islanders to Brooklyn, not just for NHL games in a couple of years, but for NBA games this season. The MTA, which runs the LIRR, is now taking out ads to promote extra trains east.

Yormark: Nets goal is to "own New York"

It started with Paul Pierce saying it was time for the Nets to "run New York." Now, Brett Yormark doesn't just want to "run" New York, but "own" it. No backing down from front office. Yormark called the starting lineup "somewhat surreal."

Long Island new (old?) frontier for Nets

In 1974 and 1976, the New York Nets won ABA titles at Nassau Coliseum. Once the team moved to New Jersey, the banners went with them. Then, Saturday, they suddenly re-appeared near the four Stanley Cup banners won by the Islanders. What's going on?

Barclays Center not as profitable as hoped

The Wall Street Journal, citing public documents released by Bruce Ratner's parent firm, reports that the profit generated by Barclays Center is a third of what the arena's operators projected before it was built.

Isles may play some games in Brooklyn next season

Is it possible that after Saturday night's successful debut --15,000 fans for an exhibition game, the Islanders could play some games at Barclays Center next season? In a word, yes.

Yormark hopes to transfer Nets success to Isles

Brett Yormark had six long years to "transition" the Nets from New Jersey to Brooklyn, longer than he and everyone else associated with the team wanted. It was difficult but it taught him and his team lessons now being transferred to the Islanders.

Nets welcome Islanders to Barclays Center

Thursday, the Islanders took the route they hope their fans will take in two years. "Take the Train to the Game," read the signs in Garden City as the Isles boarded an LIRR train bound for Brooklyn. They opened their training camp on the new ice.

Nets using Islanders to attract LI fans?

Thursday, the Islanders will take the LIRR to Brooklyn where they will hold training camp sessions at Barclays Center. Next week, the Isles play the Devils in Brooklyn. It's not just about hockey. It's a subtle way to lure LI fans to support the Nets


Isles to initiate Barclays ice with training camp

The Nets will hold their Media Day at Barclays Center on September 30, then head to Duke for a week of training camp. Turns out the Islanders will be doing something similar, a one-day preview in Brooklyn on September 12.

Expect Nets, Islanders push for Russian fans

Expect to see a lot more Russian marketing of the Nets ... and Islanders. The Nets already have an increasingly visible Russian language site and don't be surprised to see the Islanders do the same.

Barclays Center releases images of NHL layout

On Tuesday, Barclays Center released an instagram montage of the Barclays Center with its hockey pad ... and a reminder to buy tickets for Brooklyn's first NHL game, an exhibition match between the Isles and Devils on September 21.

How transit solved arena parking issue

For much of the fight over Atlantic Yards, residents near Barclays Center feared a massive influx of cars on their already tight streets, lost drivers looking for elusive parking spots. Well, it never materialized. There was this plan...


Yormark: Nets will choose talent over marketing

In an interview with Russian Television that aired earlier this week, Brett Yormark spoke extensively about the Nets business plans including whether the team factors marketability into player personnel decisions.

MSG, Barclays getting a little competitive?

Talk of competition between MSG and Barclays Center has always been dismissed diplomatically by the two sides. MSG's mantra is, "The Garden is the Garden," while Barclays officials say there's plenty of room in the region for both. Not anymore.

Ratner: Nets and Barclays better than expected

In an interview on CNBC Wednesday about his plans for Nassau Coliseum, Bruce Ratner spoke about how he was surprised at the success the Nets and Barclays Center had in Brooklyn this year.

Barclays Center team wants to renovate Coliseum

Nassau Coliseum on Thursday unveiled four plans for the renovation of the 41-year-old Nassau Coliseum and one of them came from the team that built Barclays Center. The proposal brought Bruce Ratner, Brett Yormark and Jay-Z to Long Island.

Nets to take over Islander business operations

The Islanders are in the playoffs this season for the first time in six years (sound familiar?). They're moving to Brooklyn (sound familiar?) And Brett Yormark will be handling their marketing! (really familiar!) There will be more.

Two Commissioners rave about Brooklyn

The NBA's David Stern and the NHL's Gary Bettman both gave rave reviews to Brooklyn as one reviewed the Nets first season and the other pushed for the Islanders to move a year earlier than anticipated.

Wang on early move to Brooklyn: "Would be nice"

Things keep getting better and better for Brett Yormark and Bruce Ratner. The Nets are in the playoffs and the Islanders are looking more and more like they will arrive in Brooklyn a year earlier than anticipated ... and as a playoff team.

Islanders May Arrive Year Early

Barclays Center announced Tuesday that the Islanders and the Devils will play a long-delayed preseason game next September 21 in Brooklyn. More important, there's word that the team may arrive in Brooklyn in 2014, a year earlier than planned.

Islanders Seeking Early Exit from Nassau?

Ever since the Islanders' 25-year lease with Barclays Center was announced in October, there have been rumors the team would love to make a move earlier and now that prospect has some traction. The Isles and Nassau County are in a dispute over money.

Will Islander Move Mimic Nets?

The Nets moved 13 miles east from East Rutherford to Brooklyn. The Islanders will move 22 miles west from Uniondale to Brooklyn. It's about money and the fan base. As Net fans have learned, new revenue can translate into more investment in talent.

Brooklyn Papers Embrace Hometown Team(s)

With two pro sports teams set to represent Brooklyn, the Nets in a week, the Islanders in no more than three years, local papers and websites are covering the team enthusiastically, with news reports and sports reports alike.

Brooklyn Nets Islanders

They will still be the New York, not Brooklyn, Islanders when the move to Barclays Center, but have no doubt, this move is significant. Among other things, it means a new source of revenue for Nets ownership, ensuring a steady stream of profits.

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