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D-Will Helps Besiktas Move Forward


Deron Williams scored 15 points in 30 minutes on 4 for 10 shooting (including 3 for 5 from downtown) as Besiktas won its first game in the Turkish Champions Cup competition. D-Will also handed out...

Beck: League And Union To Meet Sunday Night in New York


With the first two weeks of the regular season on the brink of being cancelled, the NBA and Players Union will meet Sunday night in New York, reports Howard Beck of the New York Times. The meeting...

Prokhorov Inspires Russian Youth


The Washington Post interviews a 24-year-old Siberian journalist about Russia's politics and how the young man's political ambitions have been shaped by Mikhail Prokhorov. In August, Prokhorov asked the young man to run on his ticket for the Russian parliament.Yegor Bychkov was inspired. He saw a way for an ordinary person to start changing this huge country, the Post reports. Prokhorov is "a patriot," Bychkov said. "He lives in Russia and he wants to do something to make it better. There aren’t many oligarchs like him left." Then, of course the Kremlin forced Prokhorov out...but Bychkov continues.

Sides Harden with Deadline Near


The only positive news out of the NBA labor talks is that it's not Monday yet. The union is refusing to budge (at least publicly) from a 53-47 BRI split and owners refusing to budge (at least...

TUNE-IN ALERT: Kris & Kim Get Married


It's called "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: a Kardashian Event" (aka "Two Nights, Two Hours, Too Much"). E! will air four hours of Kris and Kim over the next two nights: two hours Sunday night starting at 8 p.m.., then another two hours Monday at 9 p.m. Other than Kris Humphries, who plays a supporting role as Ms. Kardashian's husband, look for cameo appearances by Jordan Farmar, Brook Lopez, Billy King, Bobby Marks, Avery Johnson and a couple of assistant coaches.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #26


We're focused, in this week's Off-Season Report on how to read Russian tea leaves about CSKA Moscow's signing of Andrei Kirilenko; who to look for when amnesty takes effect; why we think the Nets...

Bogdanovic Scores 17 in Blowout


Deron Williams is likely to get his first look at Bojan Bogdanovic next long as his Besiktas team can join Fener in the Turkish President's Cup championship round. Bogdanovic scored 17...

D-Will Pens Diary on Turkish Journey


Deron Williams is writing a diary for ESPN New York, detailing his --and his family's-- experiences as they live, work and play in Istanbul. Every week "until D-Will returns to the Garden State",...

Nets Owners, Knicks Players on "A-List"


The "A-List" is Avenue Magazine's annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the city and not surprisingly, among those who made the list for 2011 are Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov. No Nets players made the list (Hey, D-Will plays in NJ) but Amare' and 'Melo did. The Nets posted a link to the list on

To the Brink? No Weekend Meetings


In an almost simultaneous stream of tweets that suggests a calculated leak, major writers covering the CBA talks are reporting that the union and owners won't meet before Monday, that the league...

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