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Major Competition for Mid-Majors


Every chance they get, the people who run the Nets and Barclays Center are continuing the competition their bosses started last summer with the "Blueprint for Greatness" ad opposite James Dolan's...

Morrow, Brooks Looking at Lockout, Making Different Plans For Future


The Nets think a lot of Anthony Morrow and Marshon Brooks. Putting either (and maybe even both of them) at the wing in an offense run by Deron Williams should produce something the Nets were bad at...

Is D-Will Lockout Winner or Loser?


The writers at CBS Sports' Eye on Basketball had a roundtable Friday on who are the big winners and losers in the lockout from a players' perspective. (They've all lost something, by the way.) And...

Spike Doth Protesteth Too Much


In Act III, scene II of Hamlet, the prince's mother dryly utters one of the most famous lines ever penned by Shakespeare, "Methinks the lady doth protesteth too much." The phrase has come to mean...

Nets Post Video Tour of Barclays


The Nets have posted a new video tour of the Barclays Center, with Forest City's Sherveen Baftechi directing fans to the latest progress at the billion dollar arena.

Prokhorov Returns To Political Fray, To Join New Party Opposed to Putin


Mikhail Prokhorov's political career is not over. In fact, he may become an even more high profile opponent of the Kremlin in a party that he would recreate using his considerable wealth. Russian...

Will 'Melo All-Stars Play in Newark?


Carmelo Anthony wants to bring one of his NBA barnstorming games to the New York area and already the Prudential Center has stepped up to say the Rock would be happy to host. Most of the benefit...

Farmar Helps Team Win Israel Cup


Jordan Farmar continued his strong guard play in Israel's Chance Cup, averaging 12 points and 4 assists for Maccabi, including 9 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds in the four-point win over Hapoel...

Tuesday Is Next Big Day In Labor Talks


David Stern made the media rounds on Thursday, explaining the owners' position in the NBA lockout and stressing the importance of next week's talks with federal mediator George Cohen. The two sides...

Petro: "Exciting Time" To Be a Net


Have no fear, Nets fans. Johan Petro is here to tell you that no matter what the short term problems are, long term, "It's an exciting time for this franchise".

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