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Armor Pre-Season Underway


The 17 players that make up the current Armor roster are already in Springfield, with the official start of training camp Saturday. Players arrived Wednesday and Thursday with physicals stretched...

Former Net Teammates Score 39


Sasha Vujacic scored 21 points and Jordan Farmar 19 in their first face-off since Farmer joined the Lakers five years ago, Farmar came away with the win in a vital Euroleague game for both their...

Billy King On Magic's Journey


Billy King was a coach at Illinois State University 20 years ago when Magic Johnson announced that he had AIDS and would have to retire. He spoke with Bloomberg TV this week on the implications of...

No Deal, But No "Reset" Either; Players, NBA To Resume Negotiations In New York Thursday


The NBA and the Players Association met for 12 hours on Wednesday. The bad news is that they still haven't reached a deal. The good news is that the NBA is freezing it's timeline in regard to a...

D-Will Gives Fans Tour of His Team


In his weekly diary, Deron Williams takes his fans on a tour of Besiktas, offering views on his teammates, from Cavaliers center Semih Erden to young gun Kartal Ozmizrak, a 16-year-old protege who...

Bogdanovic Breaks Out Again


Bojan Bogdanovic averaged 18 points a game in the Euroleague last season, finishing second in scoring in Europe's top league. But in his three Euroleague games before Wednesday night, he had scored...

D-Will Scores 20 Again, Wins 10th Straight in the Netherlands


Deron Williams and his Besiktas teammates flew to the Netherlands this week to show their recent success is real, then proved it with their 10th straight win, as the Turkish League leader beat ZZ...

It Is Now Crunchtime In CBA Talks


The players have more than signaled they'll go along with a 50-50 BRI split --a $3 billion concession over 10 years-- as long as they get some tweaks on system issues, like the luxury tax and MLE....

The Break-Up: "Not Meant To Be"


Remember reading last week the Kardashians weren't going to get into Kris and Kim's divorce on their reality TV show? We do, but alas we will be disappointed again. The new promos for the next...

System Issues Seem to Favor Nets


Following on Howard Beck's earlier report that the $58 million salary cap and $70 million luxury tax threshold will remain at least as high for the first two years of the new CBA, Chris Mannix and...

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