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League Details Owners' Offer


The NBA Players Association has sent its members a summary of what the owners' "final" offer entails. Although much of the details have been known, it represents the official union understanding of...

D-Will: 28 in Besiktas 11th Straight


Deron Williams had his best scoring game of the season, hitting for 28 points (12-for 20, including four three's) as Besiktas won its 11th straight overall and its fifth straight with no losses in...

Who's Calling Whose Bluff?


Check your poker, chess and even tic-tac-do strategies. All will likely be referred to over the weekend and into early next week as the two sides begin what may be the final countdown on the...

Hump Hires Divorce Lawyer


Kris Humphries has been caricatured as, shall we say, intellectually limited by gossip columnists and SNL writers. But by remaining dignified in the face of a Reality TV star's onslaught, he's been...

NHL: Barclays Option "Premature"


In an interview with MSG on Wednesday (but just posted Friday), NHL commissioner Gary Bettman acknowledges he's "had some conversations with the people in Brooklyn", but remains non-committal about...

Bucher: D-League Clause Another Non-Starter ...But Is It For Real?


The Nets have invested a quarter million dollars in their hybrid relationship with the Springfield Armor, and if a proposal in the owners' "take or leave it" offer gets approval from the union,...

TUNE-IN ALERT: Armor Coach Bob MacKinnon


Armor Coach Bob MacKinnon Jr. can be heard at 8 a.m. Saturday on WEEI 105.5FM, Springfield. MacKinnon, whose father was both GM and coach of the Nets, will talk about the Armor's prospects this season. The interview will be carried online as well. MacKinnon, a Nets employee, will open Armor training camp, later Saturday.

D-Will Tweet: "And If I Leave NJ..." Then Again, "Looking Forward..."


We're loath to put too much faith in what someone tweets since Twitter doesn't come with a sarcasm filter. But if taken at face value, Deron Williams tweet can't be encouraging to Nets fans....

Brooklyn Nets Adding to "Culture"


First there was the musical, then the documentary, the promise of a book and now, Atlantic Yards, the jazz ensemble with mutlimedia. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Brooklyn Academy of...

Clock Frozen on NBA Labor Talks as Union Reviews Owners' Last Offer


After 11 hours of talks, the players and owners are at another impasse, but the dreaded "reset" isn't likely to invoked. The owners gave the players a revised offer based on the last two days' of...

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