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From New Jersey to Brooklyn...What's gone wrong?


Since the Nets have moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn, not everything has gone as planned. There have been some hiccups along the way. Here are those missteps.

Brown thinks he can play point guard for Brooklyn


In an interview with his hometown paper, Markel Brown says he has to cut down on his turnovers --averaging three a game in Orlando-- but thinks if he does, he can handle the point in the NBA. "I...

The morning after the morning after

For a fan base that got used to wild spending, the decision to pass on Paul Pierce was hard to take. Why now? many asked. For ownership and management, it was the smart move. Emotion may have...

Who is Lionel Hollins?


Tom Lorenzo covered Lionel Hollins and the Memphis Grizzlies for two years for SB Nation. Now, he covers the Brooklyn Nets for NetsDaily and shares what he knows about the Nets new head coach.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #9


Whoosh! The shocks keep on coming. Pierce is gone, Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev have arrived. Bojan Bogdanovic is coming. We look at comings and goings, including that of one of our favorite...

Is a business decision also a basketball decision?


The line between a business decision and a basketball decision under the new CBA is a thin one. And while it would appear that the decision not to sign Paul Pierce was about business, its...

KG expected back in Brooklyn, even without Pierce


Multiple sources report that Kevin Garnett will return to the Nets next year. Garnett is under contract for 2014-15. He will be paid $12 million on the last year of his deal. His return, say...

Youth movement presaged Pierce decision


The mantra has changed. The Nets, who were the second oldest team in the NBA last season, are trying to get younger, more flexible and more, as Billy King said, "financially responsible." That's...


Paul Pierce has decided to join the Wizards for the full MLE after the Nets simply decided to pass on re-signing him, citing financial considerations. Nets don't think they could win it all, but...

The education of Markel Brown


Growing up in Louisiana was tough for Markel Brown. As Lenn Robbins writes for the Nets website, he lost so much as a teenager, but his ability to overcome the worst, get his degree and get drafted...

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