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NetsDaily game recaps.

Johnson scores five in ASG as East wins


It was Joe Johnson's seventh All-Star Game in eight years and although he shot poorly, his Eastern Conference team came away the winner, 163-155. Johnson finished with five points but shot 1-of-6...

Johnson with low score in 3-pt shooting contest


Joe Johnson took his time early and it cost him. Johnson earned only 11 points in the first round round of the All Star Weekend three-point shooting contest. JJ's score was the worst among all...

Mason Plumlee Impresses, team loses; 142-136


Mason Plumlee, who was the last man off the bench on Team Webber in the Rising Stars Challenge, played the final 12 minutes up to the last 20 seconds. His team did lose, 142-136, but Plumlee played...

Bulls Blow Past Nets; Final Score: 92-76


The Nets end the first half of the season on a disappointing note, losing to the Bulls 92-76.


Video: Nets talk 'circus' roadtrip

After beating the Bobcats on Wednesday night, the Nets head on the road until the beginning of March. Dexter Henry was there to capture the sights and sounds as the Nets' players talk about their...

Nets handle Bobcats, easily; 105-89


The Brooklyn Nets had no problem knocking off the Charlotte Bobcats, beating them with no problem at all, 105-89.

Plumlee, Nets hold off Pelicans, 93-81


The Nets' high-flying rookie has a career night.

Motor City Rides Through Nets, 111-95


The Nets were without Kevin Garnett against the Pistons, which proved to be crucial. They got beat in pretty much every category. Luckily, the bench stepped up to save a bad embarrassment. Final...

Pop sees a perseverent, transformed Kidd


Gregg Popovich thinks Jason Kidd's transformation from Hall of Fame player to rookie coach became real after the clock struck midnight on New Years. Pop told writers that Kidd has made progress...

Nets survive shorthanded Spurs, win 103-89


The Brooklyn Nets took on a shorthanded Spurs team that was without their top four scorers, and while it wasn't pretty, it was a win. Nets came away with a 103-89 victory over the Spurs.

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