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Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! Nets on Fallon and Kimmel!


The Nets will be seen a lot on Late Night TV in the next week. Deron Williams will be on with Jimmy Fallon tonight at 12:30 and then next week, Jimmy Kimmel will be in Brooklyn to celebrate the...

Will Islander Move Mimic Nets?


The Nets moved 13 miles east from East Rutherford to Brooklyn. The Islanders will move 22 miles west from Uniondale to Brooklyn. It's about money and the fan base. As Net fans have learned, new...

Melo, Shumpert call Blatche "terrible", "horrible"


In a tweet, we missed the other night, Stefan Bondy wrote about bench comments made about Andray Blatche near the end of the game. Carmelo Anthony and Iman Shumpert were calling Blatche "horrible"...

Is Speed, Like Defense, Big Nets Problem?


That's what Steve Smith and Greg Anthony told Stefan Bondy the other night after the Knicks game. Smith suggested Avery Johnson may have to remove Brook Lopez from the starting lineup at the end of...

A Bogdanovic Team Suffers First Loss Since July

Bojan Bogdanovic has been on the winning side of every game he's played in since mid-summer, going 8-0 in Eurobasket, beating the Celtics in preseason, then 4-0 in early going of Euro and Turkish...

Howard Wanted Trade to Nets!!!

You heard here first! OK,maybe not. Dwight Howard told ESPN radio that he wanted to be traded to the Nets, but that something or someone intervened and he wound up with the Lakers, where his "dream...

Olympic Coaches Told Fratello D-Will Tops

On some days during the Olympics, says MIke Fratello quoting Team USA coaches, Deron Williams was "the best player on the floor ... and clearly the best point guard on certain days." Fratello was...

SLAM ranks D-Will, JJ Higher than ESPN

In its annual Top 50 rankings, which are still underway, SLAM ranks both Deron Williams (#7) and Joe Johnson (#22) higher than the ESPN panel of 100 experts. D-Will is ranked top player in the...

Nets Postpone Visit to 9-11 Memorial


The Nets and the rest of the basketball operations staff were planning to visit the 9-11 Memorial on Monday to honor those lost in the 2001 terrorist attack, but due to the threat posed by...

Brooklyn Papers Embrace Hometown Team(s)


With two pro sports teams set to represent Brooklyn, the Nets in a week, the Islanders in no more than three years, local papers and websites are covering the team enthusiastically, with news...

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