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"If You're Not Already In, You're Not In"

That's what a comedian, known as "Fat Jew", tells Jay-Z's filmmakers about the impending Nets - Knicks rivalry. In a seven minute episode of "The Road to Brooklyn," the filmmakers let a lot of fans...

The Nets' Tortured Past and Quirky Present

The Nets will head into Brooklyn this week (or maybe swim) with a legacy of strangeness and worse in their past and some good-natured quirkiness in their present. The Post's Fred Kerber and Tim...

An Ode to the Brooklyn Fan, Then ... and Now?


Howie Kussoy of the Post writes a poetic tribute to the fans of Brooklyn and wonders if the Nets can reignite the love that the borough had tor the Dodgers. He quotes the widow of Dodger great Gil...

D-Will Gets "Bounce" Back in HIs Step

By all accounts, Deron Williams looked good at Sunday's practice, which as Avery Johnson noted could be the last practice the Nets have before Thursday's game, Sandy permitting. "My ankle felt...

The "Other" Euro-Net leads Fener to Turkish Win


Ilkan Karaman, known in the Turkish League as K-Mart, had a double-double Sunday, as Fenerbahce beat Mersin BSB in a blowout. The Nets second round pick, taken three spots after Toko Shengelia, had...

Dave D, Greg Anthony Project Nets in Playoffs


In his NBA Preview, Dave D'Alessandro projects the Nets fifth in the East (and the Knicks seventh), while Greg Anthony calls the Nets the most underrated team in the East and thinks Deron Williams...

Daily News: Finally a Home of Our Own


The Daily News offers a special section Sunday on the Nets arrival in Brooklyn and how Thursday's game vs. the Knicks is a special date, how it ends the Nets vagabond ways, nearly 40 years after...

D-Will Feeling Better, To Practice Sunday


Deron Williams said Saturday that the inflammation in his ankle bothered him so much that he couldn't walk without pain. Now, after an anti-inflammatory injection, the ankle feels like "night and...

Will Stars Light Up Barclays Center?


The Knicks' courtside seats have always been a place where celebrities from Woody Allen to Star Jones come to be seen. Now, the question is who shows up in Brooklyn ... other than Jay-Z and...

Prokhorov Political Decision Won't Affect Nets

Mikhail Prokhorov told reporters Saturday that he wants to lead "a third power" in Russia, competing with the Kremlin and the opposition. He also reiterated he will be leaving business. Nets...

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