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Knicks fans to Nets fans: It's real

Two and a half years after Mikhail Prokhorov said he'd "turn Knicks fans into Nets fans," Howard Beck has found plenty of examples. And it's clear that James Dolan has helped Prokhorov look so...

King looks to be aggressive with second GM job


Billy King learned a lesson from his first NBA general manager job in Philadelphia. It's a lesson that is clear when you review the transactions he's made with the Nets. He wants to "do" his job,...

Deron Williams: "My ankle feels like new!"


Deron Williams spoke by phone to Sports Center Wednesday about his ankle, tried to dismiss worse case scenarios while at the same time seeming to disclose that his inflammation, synovitis, is due...

Yormark: Nets to Open Saturday Night


The Nets home opener at Barclays Center will now be Saturday, against the Raptors, Brett Yormark announced.. A transportation plan is promised, including additional bus options, for this game. The...

Nets Practice in Brooklyn after PNY Center Floods


One league official called the Nets training facility in East Rutherford a "war zone." There's flooding inside the 65,000 square feet facility. On Sports Center, Deron Williams said it's damaged...

Bloomberg cancels Knicks-Nets


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday afternoon that Thursday night's game between the Knicks and Nets at Barclays Center is postponed.

Opening Night Ticket Prices Drop Post-Sandy

With the fear that Thursday will be a traffic nightmare around Barclays Center, and many fans stuck at home with power outages, demand for Nets-Knicks tickets in the secondary market has dropped...

"The Association:" All About Avery


The next episode of "The Association" will feature Avery Johnson in full battle regalia. There's video of him running a meeting of assistant coaches, him running a practice, him telling Toko...

Nets Examining Transportation Options

Expect an announcement later Wednesday about transportation options for Thursday's game as the Nets, the NBA and the City of New York try their best to make Opening Night work for fans. There are...

With Game On, There's Now Talk of Winning

It's now up to Avery Johnson and 15 guys who will wear white on the court Thursday night. As New York recovers from the assault by Sandy, the Nets will be at Barclays Center Wednesday for their...

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