Off-the-court News

Coverage of Nets players off the court.

KG: a different level of celebrity for Nets


That Kevin Garnett is a superstar is not debatable. It's a given. Even at 37, his production (and intangibles) last season was enough to warrant his 15th All-Star selection. But it goes beyond...

Poker-playing Pierce plans to "feed on" teammates


Paul Pierce is playing at the World Series of Poker and doing well, quite well. He's honed those skills on team planes. And he has a warning for his Nets teammates. "I got some new people to feed...

For Evans, Father's Day is everyday


In a late Father's Day posting, Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York writes about how Reggie Evans' extensive charity work is driven by his recollection of a tough childhood, when his father, Reginald,...

Kidd's DWI charge still pending


Next Thursday, Jason Kidd will face cameras again, except this time, he's likely to be more nervous than he was at Barclays Center this Thursday. Kidd will finally appear in Suffolk County Court in...


Hump admits personal life "a distraction"

On Monday, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian were officially, finally and incontrovertibly divorced, ending the longest running Nets' soap opera (other than the coaching search, of course). On...

Jay-Z's sports agency probed by NFL union


Jay-Z's foray into sports agency is getting mixed reviews. He's got clients but his representation of rookie Jet QB is raising concern he's getting special treatment.

D-Will on Christianity, Life and Basketball


In an interview published earlier this month in the Alabama Baptist, Deron Williams spoke of his relationship with God and how he believes it's helped his game. After a "salvation experience" in...

Irina Pavlova talks about Nets charity


Peace Players International is a charity whose aim is using sport to bring together children from different ethnic and religious groups in areas of conflict. Irina Pavlova sits on the group's board...

Prokhorov increasingly active in politics


On Saturday, Mikhail Prokhorov confirmed he'll run in Moscow city council elections. Sunday, he told a candidates forum they should understand Russia is "becoming more like the USSR." In short,...

Evans recruits teammates for his charity


There's probably no Net more associated with his hometown than Reggie Evans is with Pensacola. For starters, it's his nickname. It's also the main focus of the Reggie Evans Foundation, which aims...

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