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In Utah, a realization they lost D-Will trade


In a discussion of ESPN Radio in Salt Lake City Friday, sportscasters and the Jazz's leading beat writer agree that while Utah got some "intriguing pieces" for Deron Williams in 2011, Williams is a...

Long Time Coming - Nets, Knicks Finally in Sync


When was the last time the Nets and Knicks had homecourt advantage on the first weekend of the NBA playoffs? How about never? The city that never sleeps is dreaming a hoops dream as the two teams...

For Stackhouse, a Movie with Meaning


The movie "42" about Jackie Robinson's first season with the Dodgers ... and what it meant to sports, the nation and the world... premieres Thursday. For Jerry Stackhouse, the movie is more than...

Bernard King, twice a Net, Elected to Hall


The Post's Marc Berman reports that Bernard King, the Brooklyn native who played with the Nets at the beginning and end of his career, has been elected to the Naismith Hall of Fame. The...

Revisiting the 24 hours that shook four franchises


In that the Nets had a bad night in Denver and hope for a good night in Utah, it's probably a good time to re-visit the last time something good in Utah followed something bad in Denver. That would...

Nets Chair Talks About Value of Brooklyn Move


Chris Charlier, the Nets CEO, told the New York-based France-Amérique, that the move to Brooklyn has "increased by ten times the marketing potential of the team" adding "If we sell the franchise...

Ray Williams, 1954-2013


Ray Williams, who played his best basketball for the Nets and Knicks, died Friday of colon cancer at a New York hospital. He was 58. His death ended a struggle that included him being discovered...

Kidd at 40: Looking Back at the Net Years


Fred Kerber has covered Jason Kidd as both a Net and a Knick. On Sunday, Kerber profiles Kidd on the occasion of his 40th birthday, which is next Saturday. In it, Kerber writes a lot about Kidd's...

The Newest Hall of Famer ... His Nets Connection


When word came Friday that Brazilian legend Oscar Schmidt had been elected to the Hall of Fame, we decided to take a look at his role in Nets history, as the one who got away. Schmidt was the first...

Nets to Honor Black Fives at Barclays


The Nets have embraced the legacy of the Brooklyn Dodgers and their special place in the integration of American life. Now, they are doing the same with the heritage of black basketball, honoring...

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